Merge Sword MOD APK 1.7.5 (Instant achievêmnt reward)

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NameMerge Sword APK
PublisherPuLu Network
MOD FeaturesInstant achievêmnt reward
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The creativity of game makers is limitless. How games are produced is also not the same. Each game will have a different design depending on the purpose and target audience. The variety varies from graphics, character design, and integrated storyline to gameplay. Many people love action, combat, or strategy games. Usually, this genre will have a lot of different characters and features. But some people choose the simple idle genre to relax. This genre often plays very quickly but is extremely attractive. For example, PuLu Network’s Merge Sword can be played by children over three years old. So let’s learn more about this game.

Merge Sword mod

Download Merge Sword mod – Merge Swords

We are fortunate that we live in a peaceful world without war. But to get this achievement, the old forefathers had to fight bravely. At that time, guns were not as diverse as they are now. The primary weapons are only bamboo, swords, spears, and sticks. The image of the sword is associated with historical feats. Today, we see them again in many action games. It is an item associated with heroes and knights on their journey to explore the planet. But in Merge Sword, swords will no longer be companions. Instead, they will become the main object of your game. The task is straightforward that is to merge the swords.

Merge Sword apk

The genre of fusion games is no longer strange. It’s just that you’ve probably never tried your hand at merging swords. At Merge Sword, merge operations are elementary. You must drag two blades of the same type on each other. Thus, a more robust product was born. Keep going like that; your sword will gradually become twice, triple, and n times stronger. But before merging, you need to buy some elemental swords in the shop. However, starting simple with weapons that do not seem very strong. But through the player forging and merging, the swords can defeat all enemies when needed.

Merge Sword mod apk

Collect many swords and open many smithies

After each successful merge, you will unlock a new type of sword. This helps to lengthen your collection list. In Merge Sword, up to 50 kinds of blades are waiting for you to discover. If you look and learn carefully, players can see that each sword has beautiful beauty. And, of course, their combat abilities are also different. The more swords created, the more influential the weapons. Because they have accumulated all the advantages. Besides, players need to consider opening more blacksmiths when there are more swords because that will be where the ultimate combat tools are born.

Merge Sword android

Build your forging empire

Forging so many quality swords will make you a famous blacksmith. Consolidated earnings are also proportional to the experience points added in this game. It will help to assess the level of your blacksmith shops. And, of course, countless blacksmith shops with quality products will help you build a legendary swordsmithing empire. Very soon, players will step onto the throne of a kingdom that produces weapons, specifically swords. Hard work will get you what you want. So don’t miss the chance to merge any blades. They are all valuable in the building of this empire.

Merge Sword apk free

Attractive bonus mode

Fifty types of fine swords will have different values. The more advanced the item, the more money it will generate for you. Money will automatically be added without you needing to do anything else. From 10K and 15K, you can reach 10M, and 20M by yourself if you work hard to consolidate. In addition, players can also collect more items from the gift chest below the screen. There will be many valuable items waiting for you. Not only that, but you can also collect rubies by watching videos. Ruby can be used to buy some unique swords. Because not all tools in Merge Sword are calculated in coins, take every opportunity to bring something valuable to your game.

Merge Sword is a straightforward merge game. It does not require you to do much manipulation, skill, or strategy, all for relaxation purposes only. The game can be very suitable for those with a hobby of collecting. Primarily collect legendary weapons like this. Download Merge Sword mod and create swords only available at your smithy right now.

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