Merge Plane Robots MOD APK 1.6.8 (Unlimited money, experience)

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NameMerge Plane Robots APK
PublisherViva Games Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, experience
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Merge Plane Robots merge parts to create robot planes, which are mighty warriors. You will be equipped with some materials to be able to create a top-notch robot ever. What you need to do is collect the puzzle pieces and activate the operating mechanism for the robot. That’s easy if you’re passionate about robotics and want to form a team. Your gods of war appeared in turn and were warmly received. To increase the attraction is to fight with enemies or solve puzzles. Challenges are posed a lot, but as long as you work hard to explore, everything will become good.

Merge Plane Robots android

Download Merge Plane Robots mod – Perfect combination of new robots

New inventions will be recognized by Merge Plane Robots and included in the collection. Whether your army is a robot depends on its appearance and fighting ability. The secret shape is shown; first, your pieces will come later. When merging everything, a complete robot is born, from which it must wholeheartedly serve you. Manage your robot correctly; there is not too much free time for you to procrastinate. All decisions need to be decisive and quick but must ensure accuracy. Combinations don’t always work, so take advantage of every second to create a successful robot.

Merge Plane Robots apk

That merger has taken your name further, reaching new heights. Your heroes are all on the roster so train carefully. You creat the life for robots and also the upgrader for them. Regular maintenance will be assigned to ensure their combat ability is continuously increased. Develop robots to be more complete, powerful, and superior. It will take a lot of heroic forces, so prepare your squad in advance. Rushing in a combat situation is not advisable, but if your equipment is lacking, it will ruin the whole game.

Merge Plane Robots mod apk

Become a wealthy robot owner

You have money, so it’s easier to shop and merge robots. Merge Plane Robots allows players to own most types of robots. When the game has opened its arms like that, it’s hard not to accept it. The fusion has produced so many warriors, your remarkable achievement in the past time. Your brain children are becoming stronger and have special abilities. All the hard work of collecting can now pay off, and he becomes a rich man. Only talented people like you can quickly join the team of heroes so quickly. But that is your most substantial advantage; the more significantly the army, the easier it is to win.

Merge Plane Robots apk free

Earn rewards every day

Merge Plane Robots unleashes a wheel of fortune game trick. Penalties and rewards are intertwined, requiring tremendous luck. Over-spinning will cause you to fall into the box to lose your turn, and the situation can change flexibly. Even the game can’t guarantee everything is perfect, but the rewards are expensive. Luck and confidence are the two most essential things in the case of playing the wheel of fortune. The advancement in this game is all thanks to the rewards you receive. The prizes will also improve over time, depending on the level. So easy to gobble money and gifts join daily.

Merge Plane Robots mod

Challenging space

The quizzes will be made according to a particular system, ensure the rules are clear, and then go. In turn, the row blocks are placed in the square, which is your obstacle. You summon robot heroes into battle and take their place. Like you are playing chess, you need a piece to replace it. The blocks move in a circle, following the sliding rhythm of the enclosure. You will take the outside things to fill the void. The challenges are carefully designed, so the enthusiastic participation of players is required. Whether the space is new or not will depend on your unlocking level. Conquer a lot to accumulate more bloody combat experience.

Merge Plane Robots create robot planes and put them into wars with enemies. Consolidation is also required in specific calculations, or else it will fail. With more than 35 robot models, players can freely own and have more upgrade tasks. Upgrading for them is pretty tricky if you do not have enough money. The amount will increase if you do your part of the task excellently. The prizes are still waiting; come quickly; no one else can steal before. Download Merge Plane Robots mod, produce new robots, and earn rewards every day simply.

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