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This insect matching game will require a bit of your thinking. Merge Master: Insect Fusion is the most unique insect version puzzle game ever. The point here is not that you will combine them to form a new version. It’s about finding ways to combine as many insects with the same stats as possible. Make them disappear and get the corresponding score. The game will end until you reduce the score of the queen insect to 0. The scale of each puzzle will grow to the highest level. The only thing you can do is combine insects to complete the levels. Use your observation and logical thinking ability.

Merge Master Insect Fusion mod

Download Merge Master: Insect Fusion mod – Combine insects and logic puzzles

Merge Master: Insect Fusion has the characteristics of a puzzle game and a combat strategy game. You have a small army of insects at an early stage. Then find ways to combine them based on the numbers shown. For every same number of insects combined, we create a new insect. This insect has a score equal to the sum of all the previous small ones combined. For example, you will combine 10 insects with number 1 to form an insect number 10. Its combat ability will be significantly increased compared to the original. And you use your final merge result to fight the boss.

The boss of each level is a giant insect. They all have a score of 99 and of course have a great power. Your condition is to defeat the queen insect to win the level. How will we do this? It is to merge the insects together to get a big enough score. Make sure all the insects you create have a total score greater than the queen’s current score. That way there is a chance to defeat it and win the level. Time will not be an important factor in Merge Master: Insect Fusion. So you will have enough time to think about your strategies. How to combine insects to win.

Merge Master Insect Fusion mod apk

All kinds of insects

As a game about insects, the variety of insects in Merge Master: Insect Fusion will of course be on top. You will notice a lot of familiar insects such as butterflies, locusts, bees, mantises, ants… They are easy to recognize and the design has been changed a bit to become more lively. Combat ability is increased and when the same species are combined, a larger version shows growth. Their power is the same because they are based on numbers. But the new shape is important and helps you distinguish each species from the other. Prioritize combining species with the same number to create a stronger version that confronts the queen directly.

Merge Master Insect Fusion mod apk free

Combine according to the rules

Players use their fingers to swipe and move around the insects that need to be combined. The most important condition is that they must have the same species and the same number on the head. Drag and release your finger to combine the insects. Then the rest will continue to combine based on the number they have. After the end of the fusion phase, all the insects you have created will fight the queen insect. If the sum of the insects is greater than the number of the queen, then you will definitely win. Otherwise, losing will return you to the original stage. Combination vertically, horizontally, diagonally or without any rules are up to you to decide to win.

Merge Master Insect Fusion mod free

The trait that determines strength

The developer also selects the details and characteristics of the insects very carefully. Specifically, their characteristics in the wild are more or less included in the game for players to create strategies. There are bees with venom and very high attack ability. They will deal a lot of damage at a fast speed in combat. Or species like beetles with thick skin. Suitable to be a guardian for the whole squad. By shielding damage from the queen insect. The ants coalesce into a unified whole and can hardly be destroyed by close association. Tactics in the battles of Merge Master: Insect Fusion will be pushed to the highest level.

Merge Master Insect Fusion free

The diverse insect world is sketched and represented in Merge Master: Insect Fusion in an extremely vivid way. Observe clearly the shape and characteristics of each different insect. Learn how their combat relates to their natural defenses. The biggest task is to defeat the giant insect queen with clever combinations. Download Merge Master: Insect Fusion mod to participate in the most unique insect battlefield.

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