Merge Legend: Total War MOD APK 1.0.15 (Unlimited money)

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NameMerge Legend: Total War APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Combine warriors to create an army more potent than the enemy in Merge Legend: Total War. This game does not require too high a player’s strategy. The battles are also quite simple and take place with a speedy tempo. Merge Legend: Total War is always a priority game in your spare time or breaks between work hours. Combination of card collection and battle formation. Merge Legend: Total War is accessible to all ages because its gameplay is not new but accessible but still attractive. Its setting is also based on the mighty and resilient ancient warriors. They will now be added with impressive new powers.

Merge Legend Total War mod

Download Merge Legend: Total War mod – Create an invincible army formation

In each battle of Merge Legend: Total War, the player will summon an army along with a hero to command. Their opponents will be the army and heroes of the enemy side. The game’s rules are easy to understand when defeating the total number of enemies will win. However, the attraction lies in the layout of your squad and forces. Combining various types of troops to perfectly coordinate in battle is not easy. Although it is not impossible, it will take a lot of your time to think about it. Choosing the right hero to lead the army must also be considered. These heroes have different skills that affect the military during combat.

The game has two main forces, as mentioned above, the hero and the army. In a battle, only one hero can be brought out. That’s why they were the commanders and contributed a lot to the legion’s strength. On the military side, the level will determine how many people you can bring into the battle. The army is more diverse and has more types of troops. In particular, the military also has a level shown by their number of stars. Finally, 3-star minions are always the strongest and threaten the opponent’s hero. It will significantly affect the game if you can accumulate and upgrade many 3-star soldiers. The majority will be victories.

Merge Legend Total War mod apk

Great commander hero

The names of the heroes in Merge Legend: Total War are based on the names of the gods in Greek mythology. Their power is also carried out according to the respective gods. Poseidon – the king of the sea, can summon a giant tsunami that washes away enemies. With Zeus, there are continuous lightning storms that deal massive damage. There are also many primary characters like King. His move is to become violent, increasing wear and health for himself. The above skills and those of the other gods create beneficial effects for the army behind. They can gain attack speed, damage, or heal. Every battle between the two factions will be exciting.

Merge Legend Total War mod apk free

Match the match layout

All matches of Merge Legend: Total War have 20 squares. Players will place troops in courts one by one until they are complete. The hero will also count as a slot in the square. So an entire battle will include one hero and 19 remaining soldiers. The number is not too much and not too little for players to create their strategies. Those tactics are also based on the characteristics of soldiers and heroes. For example, put shield warriors on the first row to shield damage. Meanwhile, archers or scouts will be placed in the back row for safety and space to attack. Come up with more new strategies.

Merge Legend Total War mod free

Explore dungeon treasures

Besides many battles with opponents, there is another way for you to earn more resources and items for your army. What I am talking about are dungeons for you to adventure. Adventure is the same as in battles. You choose the formation, but this time it is to defeat the monsters in the dungeon. Many types of dungeons contain rewards, such as gold, weapons, and treasures. For players not to overdo the dungeons, you can only explore twice a day with each dungeon. Dungeons are an exciting destination for you to collect more bargains for yourself. Maybe you will get a great treasure or legendary equipment that no one has ever owned.

Merge Legend Total War free

Create a squad and fight in an uncomplicated way in Merge Legend: Total War. Learn how to coordinate soldiers and heroes effectively and bring the fastest victory for the team. Sometimes try your luck with a few adventures down the dungeon. Merge Legend: Total War mod will be for you when you are too tired with exercises or work. Instead, it’s much more interesting to lead an army to victory.

Download Merge Legend: Total War MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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