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NameMe is King APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited resources
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Me is King comes to a prehistoric tribe that you built and cultivated for a long time. In this challenge, you will bring a new incumbent with everything related to your clan. Join them to live on the islands and give the most accurate results. What you create in this village affects their later life. As long as they feel the best living, resources are always complete, and new works are done. Rule and give orders; they will all obey you. They trust you and allow you to manage them, so don’t let bad things happen. The peace of the village is always a top priority.

Me is King mod

Download Me is King mod – Become the king who governs the tribe

In the simulation at Me is King, you are the head and perform all the missions. From building houses to farming, raising livestock to live, and turning prehistoric people into real farmers on all fronts. The people join hands to contribute and create the best conditions for living. Hearty meals will be everyone’s favorite paired with a solid home. You will be the venerable King, in the highest position of the village. Players seem to enjoy themselves, but you worked hard to get where you are today. Make wise decisions for people to trust and respect without ever reacting to you.

Me is King helps you uncover the mysteries left by prehistoric times. This is the beginning of man, and you must rebuild from scratch. The people here are less qualified than you, so they all rely on you. Rule well and discover new things with them during this period. Expand the empire to many different regions and enjoy great moments. Live and work according to the people’s strengths, creating suitable jobs for them. Bring food or wood to the palace for you; people on high are continually nourished. Make decisions about your own and others’ lives, carrying a lot of responsibility.

Me is King apk free

Make the right decision

The journey of the tribe’s development is in your hands, and the little people need help. Wise or foolish choices affect the fate of this village. Village life is not as simple as you think; there will also be many obstacles for you. As the King of a town, have wise orders so that the people are not disadvantaged. Your farm must always flourish and be independent, do not let it be destroyed. Control the villagers as you wish, taking them to new lands. Exploring and expanding the terrain helps you have the right vision and adjust the village in the most refined style.

Me is King mod apk

Resource management

Many choices for you, and the search is more and more focused. Thanks to the fact that you hunt or gather in the forest, there will be ideal resources. Cultivation will also be the perfect choice for you to own precious food. Only resources such as wood and trees will help you build houses and mansions. You give the people here to perform jobs, and they work day and night without getting tired. Grab a heavy hammer to smash rocks or be sent to collect firewood, the process of working is increasing your resource income. Show the way to your subordinates and wait for great results to happen to your fortune.

Me is King apk

Every day on the farm

The whole city is waiting for life from you to bring; primitive people don’t know how to do such things. You will enlighten them, creating a stepping stone to progress into quality people. Cultivating, raising livestock never to starve, everyone has food in reserve. You can go to find treasure in the deep forest, and maybe this is an excellent source of food for you. The resources you collect are the conditions for you to build a farm. Each person has a different job making the trophy by joining hands to contribute. A cute king like you has to command and make the right decision. Make sure every order you give is accurate to every detail.

Me is King live and develop for your own kingdom, you are king. Civilization is also your own, the rules or laws of life. You renovate the vacant land, help people have jobs and become more useful in society. The whole village needs the solidarity of each person, there will be many dangers but will be overcome. As a leader, you will have to take care of and ensure the lives of the people. Download Me is King mod and join the exciting farm simulation with the little king.

Download Me is King MOD APK (Unlimited resources) for Android

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