Masketeers MOD APK v4.5.3 (Menu/One hit kill/God mode)

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PublisherAppxplore (iCandy)
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/One hit kill/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Masketeers is a story about mysterious masks. Heroes will gain strength from the mask itself and join the fight. Their faces will be covered and have a tremendous amount of power. This also drew attention from the monsters. Since then, many battles have also taken place for the warrior to step in to attack. To get out of the dangerous darkness and find a way out to the light of freedom. Protect a peaceful life, without destruction from the enemy. The battle with many challenges that players will need to face. Fight against all the demons in this society, don’t let them exist.

Masketeers mod

Download Masketeers mod – Destroy the devil and escape the dangerous darkness

A role-playing game with attractive game modes. Take action and face off against countless bloodthirsty monsters. They will not let the player have freedom. Plunge into every battle, fight hard to win. Show your fighting power, don’t hesitate before strong opponents. Overcoming all dangers to be able to prevent attacks from the opponent. Fight hard, no longer let evil exist in this life. The ability to attack, strength will be shown on each battle screen. The opponent will also not stop counterattacking, causing many obstacles for the player. Grab the power to quickly destroy the entire enemy force out of the area.

Masketeers mod apk

The context and unique storyline are shown through the levels. Enter the world of Masketeers and become the mighty hero warrior. The mask given will help you get ready to face the monster. Don’t let yourself be stuck in the dark for too long, defeat your opponent and find a way out. Protect your allies and work together in battle. Develop a suitable strategy to prevent all dangerous counterattacks from the enemy. Conquer all levels of play, set up many high achievements.

Masketeers mod free

Darkness and enemies

Cover the space with dark scenes and sinister enemies. Wraith is at the top of the enemy team, whose destructive power is extreme. He is a dangerous boss, many conspiracies. Use all means to fight you, entice allies to support. Strength is what will help you defeat your enemies. Play as the hero Caine, ready to fight on all fronts. Skills will also be provided, make the most of it to eliminate all monsters. Get out of the place of darkness, find the light of freedom and peace.

Masketeers mod android

Support from another warrior

Caine isn’t the only hero fighting. Other characters will fight with Caine, attacking all enemies. Coro, Pixe and some other names. They are brave warriors with many unique skills. Coro has a powerful internal force, always turning every despair into great hope. Restores health to teammates for each crash situation. Pixe, with a funny personality, will always be the one to bring laughter to everyone. At the same time, it is also a protector, avoiding unnecessary quarrels and rage. Each warrior will have their own skills, accompanying players on every battle. Discover more characters to start with every subsequent match.

Masketeers mod download

Attack the boss

Many villains appear when you get to the area where they reside. They are all dangerous monster bosses that players will have to face. Every time you move to an area, you need to attack with a cruel demon. Defeating them all, power leveled up as well. Get more skill points to destroy the monster force gradually. Use the money to buy experience, fight all kinds of evil demons. More energy and strength will make facing monsters no longer an obstacle. Destroy all demons still raging in society, causing them to receive death. Make each boss defenseless against all attacks. Download Masketeers mod hero wearing a power mask to destroy all evil enemies.

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