Magicami DX Mobile MOD APK v1.3.0.4 (Game speed)

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NameMagicami DX Mobile
MOD FeaturesGame speed
SupportAndroid 6.0+

Decide the city’s future based on the warrior girls’ strength in Magicami DX Mobile. Another game for you to build your elite warrior squad. This time the main characters are mage girls fighting in 3D. This is a future time when technology has advanced dramatically. We are acquainted with many forms of modern technology. Among them are devices that can transport people into 3D dimensions. Fight with entities invading the human world. You are the leading commander who will mobilize a force consisting of girls with magical abilities. Train and send them into the virtual world against the entities.

Magicami DX Mobile mod

Download Magicami DX Mobile mod – Protect virtual space and reality

It all started with mysterious disappearances that occurred continuously around the city. A series of people disappeared without anyone explaining the truth behind them. At that moment, a mysterious girl named Kamisaman appeared. She warns the protagonist about the disaster that humanity is about to face. Entities in the virtual world are gradually finding their way into reality. They kidnap people and cause chaos everywhere. So you must stop them with the power of magic. To do that, it is necessary to recruit talented elements of this kind of power. And that’s why you have to lead the girls to command them to fight.

Battles are based on turn-based combat. This means that each unit will have a specific attack on the enemy. And so on, until one side is annihilated, the war will end. The force that will fight for you is the girls who can use magic. They are well-trained and have the power to resist entities. Players will create a squad of girls with the proper ability and strength. How to support and coordinate smoothly, the most important thing is to win the matches. There are many factors surrounding a game to create a pleasant surprise.

Magicami DX Mobile mod apk

Upgrade and power up

Each female warrior can be upgraded and evolved based on their qualities. Upgrading takes experience, and you can get it by fighting or buying it in-store. Roles are also randomly assigned to warriors. One will deal damage, one will heal, one will cause bad effects to the enemy, and the other will take damage to the whole team. A maximum squad can contain five members. One person will take on the role of captain and gain strength. Weapons are also indispensable to equip and increase the stats of the warriors. Each warrior has a separate system and counters the opponent’s strategy in a fixed circle.

Magicami DX Mobile mod apk free

Connect with girls

You are the commander and will accompany the girls until the final battles. So getting to know them well and building a good relationship will be essential. We have some background information about a few characters. The first is Iroha Asobe, a young girl who dreams of magical powers. Friendly and kind to everyone, but impulsive and acting on emotions. Kaori Tomonaga is Iroha’s childhood friend, conscious of what is right but often shaken by Iroha’s decisions. Akisa Higashiyama has superior intelligence and always has extreme thoughts but treats his friends well. There are also many other interesting female characters.

Magicami DX Mobile mod free

Calculating combat ability

A battle in Magicami DX Mobile needs a lot of elements to finish perfectly. Players use a formation of 5 girls to confront entities in 3D space. Since it is a turn-based battle, each turn needs a specific calculation. It is never superfluous to know the enemy before fighting. Instead, prioritize taking warriors who can counter the enemy’s system. When countering the damage dealt will be higher and can create effects more quickly. You should also apply this method whenever you fight a lot of small enemies or bosses. The bosses are huge, and dealing with terrible damage will be difficult.

Magicami DX Mobile free

The future world is full of unpredictable things. Magicami DX Mobile has created a picture of a virtual world where mysterious entities threaten people. But besides that, humanity will have magical female warriors to protect. You are their commander, connect with each girl and upgrade their power to the highest. Defeat all the forces putting people in danger in Magicami DX Mobile mod.

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