Mad Royale io MOD APK 1.49 (Unlimited money)

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NameMad Royale io APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Mad Royale io challenges mini-tank control across rugged slopes. Players will own a tank, but not as big as combat vehicles, just tiny. But so it looks pretty cute, players can also customize the color for it. Overcome hundreds of challenges to reach the highest score and succeed on all fronts. You can explore many new lands to challenge yourself. No need to speed, enough for you to cross many different roads. Coming up with tough challenges will improve your driving skills significantly; there is still a long way to go for you to explore.

Mad Royale io mod

Download Mad Royale io mod – Drive tanks on the roads

At first, players thought that controlling a tank would be more complex than a car, but it was the same. There are still engines that increase the throttle, reducing the number of such numbers, and proceed to operate. Besides, tank battles also happen, not simply driving and overcoming obstacles. Many surprises for you; beautiful things are always waiting to welcome you. The moment of falling and falling also makes you miss your life and hope that that case will not happen again. On the track, there are many obstacles, but it does not make it difficult for your driving level. Breakthrough moves will make you stand out from the crowd and score a perfect score.

Mad Royale io apk

The mortal battle between the tanks has begun; your presence has made the struggle more dramatic. Right from the first control, you will stumble because you are unfamiliar with the driving mode. The icons for each driving gesture are displayed on the screen, and you can master it with your eyes. Using cannons to shoot outside to bring down the opponent is also a task to do at this time. Disputes occur at every stage, leaving no space for you to relax. Out of the dilemma, straight ahead on the roads ahead. The goal of destroying the opponent is still in you; combining control and shooting the enemy will be hard for you.

Mad Royale io apk free

Customize car model

Mad Royale io designs a variety of designs to stimulate players. You will have warriors with strong engines to be able to advance up the slopes. Choose colors to distinguish from opponents, and collect many machines to upgrade. Win matches to receive billions plan a tank development plan. The new interface also brings freshness to the game and unpredictable transformations to express yourself. You are proving one thing that you are capable of conquering the latest models. You have the power to upgrade it to new heights, choosing the most modern machine details to equip. Earn coins and boost speed; own a true warrior.

Mad Royale io mod apk

Life and death battle

The battles at Mad Royale io are always the boundary between life and death. Players can never know in advance what their fate will be when they go to war. Push other tanks into the abyss, burning lava and more. Make each vehicle’s health line drop drastically after just one attack, and you will have a chance to win. There are thousands of ways for you to conquer the enemy, bring them ashore and into the field because of the rugged terrain. Increasingly challenging levels prove that the opponent is also getting stronger. Please do not joke with other tanks, and they are also equipped with leading equipment to participate in combat.

Mad Royale io android

Experience many terrains

Mad Royale io always makes players choke before the difficulty of the terrain. It’s like you’re playing on the ground the worm goes through. Challenging zigzag roads are demanding top driving skills from you. Conquering many of those challenges, your skills are classy. The game modes are constantly updated; you must rely on them. Sometimes going up, downhill, even the abyss, but you must overcome it. In each terrain, there will be valuable items such as keys, and players can use cannons to destroy the ledge to reveal things, which is also a way to beat the opponent’s path.

Mad Royale io explores many arduous roads to safely bring the tank to the finish line. Players can ultimately trounce the opponent if they have experience in control. That’s why you have to practice every day, don’t be afraid to fail. After the fierce race is the glory you reach, not to lose. Use strong force to make another car roll down the lava or turn the car upside down. Fierce battles make you also need to speed up, chasing opponents quickly. Download Mad Royale io mod, and control a mini tank to defeat the opponent’s machine narrowly.

Download Mad Royale io MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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