Mad Day 2 MOD APK 2.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameMad Day 2 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. HIGH GOLD REWARD – you can get then in play room then select find hidden challenge then you will grant high gold reward.
2. NO CLICK TIME DEDUCTION – you can use this in playroom to click in any portion of the picture to search for the item without deducting any time in timer.

Mad Day 2 brings terrible things to the world; aliens impact where you live. They have kidnapped your beloved octopus; now, they are dominating the universe. You become a mighty warrior capable enough to handle the enemy army by carrying out unique rescues. A barrage of attacks is what you can do right now but stay in control. The fighting style is improving; you are catching up to the pace of battle. The encounter with the aliens has revolted, and tension permeates all around. Stand up to fight and win by all means.

Mad Day 2

Download Mad Day 2 mod – Save the world from aliens

Ride, shoot, jump, and smash are four moves the player can use to impact enemies physically. These actions are combined smoothly so that your character always stays in shape. The aliens have been invading every part of the world; they want to set up dungeons there. When you appear, their plans have been interrupted, which is not fun for the enemy. You can do nothing about it, but you must resort to violence to deal with this enemy team. You can either team up or fight independently as long as you win. Continuously unlock new rounds of resistance to tighten up enemy activity.

Mad Day 2 apk free

Day by day, the alien invasion plan is expanding. They have enveloped the whole world, each battle being an intense test. You imagine those guys as demons, toxic from face to behaviour. In their heart, it is to make the world their colony. Once you get into that plan, there is a good signal, now is the time to act strategically. Fierce faces and multi-legged bodies are moving closer to you. Fight crazily, and show your full potential. Ready to fight against all to get your pet back?

Mad Day 2 mod apk

Customize the truck

The player is equipped with a truck by Mad Day 2 for transportation. You just sit in the car and shoot the bullet forward, adjusting all directions to hit the opponent. Initially a simple vehicle, only to move, but then a breakthrough improvement. Upgrade not only to magnify the car but also to form a battle army. They start with shotguns, cannons, lasers and rocket launchers. Your guardians are transnational planets, flying in the sky and firing bullets below. The villains will suffer a counterattack from the player’s epic infantry.

Mad Day 2 apk

Collect coins

To have outstanding innovation opportunities, you need to have conditions to exchange. Coins are a kind of condition that you need to conquer and earn as much as possible. Crazy battle costumes, let your characters dress up as many legendary warriors. Weapons are the most important thing; you must have money to own them. In addition, the acceleration of the car engine and the frequency of the gun’s bullets need to be exchanged to get it. Play mini-games for easy bonuses. Otherwise, the only way to win is to accumulate large amounts of money. Replenish material wealth continues to serve your shopping purposes and fully equip the hero.

Mad Day 2 mod

Consecutive explosions

Mad Day 2 expands the explosion to four worlds; you will reach many different terrains. Fight in the city, the desert or any small corner. Large playground for you to show your abilities; there are no limits here. Your rage grows larger and larger while the aliens leisurely replenish their forces to invade. You need to keep up with their poke speed to prevent maximum damage. Earn achievements after waves of crisp victories. Run as fast as you can to the areas that need to be treated. Innovate combat gear to match the new wave.

Mad Day 2 ushers in the bad days of the apocalypse and the world are plunged into darkness. Other big bosses also command the aliens. You need to capture that object in the end; destroy the root; the opponents will not increase. You gradually conquer the boss battles with many rules with many moves. Dare to face these wicked killers. Show your ability to lead a mighty army and open your territory. You also need to build a separate part to protect it officially. Download Mad Day 2 mod, set up a vast army to face the aliens.

Download Mad Day 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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