Lumberwhack MOD APK v6.2.1 (High damage)

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PublisherDigital Exception
MOD FeaturesHigh damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Protect the forest from the evil loggers who want to destroy them. Lumberwhack calls on animals to stand up for their own lives. The forest bandits are increasingly appearing and raging in the peaceful forest. They cut down and destroy many trees just for wood and profit. It is an evil deed that must be stopped. Lumberwhack is a game that puts you in the position of the forest guardian. Fight with the animals and repel the loggers out of the jungle. We will need a lot of animal warriors to deal with them. The mechanics are similar to military fighting games, so it will not be difficult to get used to in the early stages.

Lumberwhack mod

Download Lumberwhack mod – Protect the jungle from those who defy the law

Deforestation is a severe problem when it significantly impacts the ecosystem. Moreover, it is home to a lot of wildlife. Destroying that place will make them no longer have a place to live and gradually become extinct. Seemingly understanding this alarming situation, Digital Exception created Lumberwhack as a wake-up call to everyone. The game’s content is the journey against the loggers of all the animals in the forest. They fight because their own lives are at stake. You, as the commander, will give them the strength to fight those cruel humans. There will be a lot of differences between the game and real life. Still a good message, though.

Animals and humans will fight each other in the forest. Players will use stats to summon animals. All will encounter and fight humans in a straight line. The more you summon, the larger the number of animals. Overwhelm the loggers with a variety of animal warriors with extraordinary health. Depending on the animal will contribute certain factors when fighting. Completing a level gives you more money and upgrades to grow the animals. There are hundreds of levels for you to play with nature to repel loggers from the forest. This task can only be done by you and qualified. Tactics and confidence are essential.

Lumberwhack mod apk

Warriors of the jungle

The warriors will join you to fight only the animals. They are the principal inhabitants of the forest and are in danger of losing their habitat. But, of course, they will stand up to protest and defeat all the loggers. Ordinary animals will now have superhuman powers. Cashback Gorilla is always confident with its powerful punches. The Backattack Alligator terrifies the loggers with its sharp jaws. Kickaroo Kangaroo has impressive speed and the ability to punch to death. Each animal has unique skills that match its physical characteristics. In a battle, you can only choose five animals to fight. So let’s rely on the enemy to create the strongest squad.

Lumberwhack mod apk free

Tactical advanced terrain

Despite fighting in the jungle, Lumberwhack’s levels will span a variety of terrain features. That topographical feature is not for decoration. They have a direct impact on the battle through the survival characteristics of the animals. For example, snow-covered forests make it difficult for animals to live in hot and humid environments. This also applies to other terrains and animals. They will take minor damage or move more slowly in a different environment. If you want to win comprehensively, you must learn about the information in that battle. Don’t be at a disadvantage and lose against the hateful loggers.

Lumberwhack mod free

Dangerous enemies to face

The nightmare of the animals in the forest is the loggers. These bad guys are equipped with many things to cut down the woods and make money. This is a bad thing, and they will use all means to do it. So the force of loggers is not weak, and you have to be wary of them. All levels from essential loggers carrying only small knives. Until more dangerous, they hold chainsaws equipped with flying engines to avoid attacks on the ground. Equip modern flamethrowers or giant wood saws. It will be a difficult challenge for you and the animals. But there are still many ways to counter them with many unique skills.

Lumberwhack free

Lumberwhack has shown a message to every player right now. Please protect the forest and condemn the illegal logging and cutting of forests by loggers. Animals inhabit it, and they are fighting for their lives. Join the power of animals to prevent loggers from the wild in Lumberwhack mod completely.

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