Love Esquire MOD APK 1.7.4 (Unlimited money)

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NameLove Esquire APK
PublisherYangyang Mobile
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 8.1+
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Love Esquire comes to the world of beautiful girls and joins the battles with heroes. You come here as not a battle knight but a good courtier. You have a huge role to play by the human joy you create yourself. You go looking for happy smiles and suddenly discover the world of girls. They possess various special powers, are appropriately exploited, and do great things. This simulation also does not escape the harsh battles between two hostile forces. You still have to compete to get your advantage. Confront evil people, monsters, or anyone who intends to harm you.

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Download Love Esquire mod – Conquer the beautiful heroines

You also have the task of capturing those beautiful girls, making them your property. It is difficult because they are not ordinary people like you on a mission. Such extraordinary things will need the solution that you invented yourself. Every decision you make affects the outcome of the story you are following. Girls can make it difficult for you, but they will be great experiences. Magic is their primary tool, creating substances to serve the war day and night. Girls need space to develop their power, worthy of your time.

Love Esquire mod apk

Each girl in Love Esquire has her ambition that no one can predict. They also have their own stories to discover, not wanting to be tied down to anyone. Even dirty secrets or plans can emerge. Players conquer the girls’ thoughts step by step and find weak points to grasp. You have accepted the invitation to join the challenge; you need the presence of heroic warriors. The characters you conquer will perform together, contributing to the battles with opponents. Their identities are gradually revealed, and possessing a large amount of power is also announced on the battlefield, all shown through their bloodline.

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Turn-based combat

You do not need to come out to fight but will be the one behind the resounding victories. Gathering a force of warriors, you begin to participate in the challenge. You have the survival techniques of a talented knight to serve the fierce battles. The war officially broke out; it’s time for you to show strength. Because the game is turn-based, you must take advantage of every opportunity to get the most decisive turn. Your opponents are diverse; having many ways of fighting is still a good idea. Sometimes courtiers like you reappear to mock your enemies and cheer for your warriors. The opponent also has a counterattack, be careful in each attack.

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Strength growth

Raise the combat stats for the heroes of Love Esquire. The charm and intelligence of each person are different; you need to know your character to thrive. It would help if you boosted their ability to promptly counterattack when it’s your turn. The above stats show the level of a warrior; it will affect the outcome later. Not only is the game lost, but friendship relationships are affected if those do not possess intelligence. Tactics are the way for you to save difficult situations. Be confident in your abilities and your teammates’ abilities, and act decisively. Win trophies to make upgrading your talent easier.

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Relationship training

There is not only a dry and painful battle but also a couple’s love. It’s our pretty girls and our knights. It will be a beautiful love affair if both have the same ideas and want to marry a couple. The charm comes from girls that make guys fall in love and want to whisper sweet things. Loving hearts are always open in relationships; there are no limits. Reaching the romantic point, you will expect the happy endings you want. Freedom to make choices and dare to take responsibility for your decisions. At the end of the journey is waiting for your answer; agree with this love relationship?

Love Esquire listens to love stories and feels it your way. Besides the explosive things of resistance matches, you should also make time for love affairs. Eternal love from both sides will expand sweet memories. Unleash your energy most amazingly and still raise your stats. For a warrior, strength is essential for battle and love. Download Love Esquire mod and get lost in the novel with fascinating stories.

Download Love Esquire MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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