Life Choices MOD APK v1.2.11 (Unlimited Crystal, star)

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NameLife Choices
PublisherUnico Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Crystal, star
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The older we get, the more we realize that every choice we make now has important implications for the future. Join the game Life Choices to know what you want in life. This game lets you choose everything around your life. From what your name is, who are your parents, what personality you want to pursue. Until further, things like what your neighbour would be. By playing this game, you will have a better overview of plans. You will make the decisions and choices you feel are best for life.

Life Choices mod

Download Life Choices mod – Choose what suits you best

Join Life Choices you will be able to create a small town of your own accord. If there are things and people in real life that make you uncomfortable, you can change them in this game. Make the neighbours friendlier. With your life, you will be able to decide what you will do and who you will marry. How playing this game is very easy. You need to think and come up with the answers. Such a puzzle game makes you focus and use your brain to reason. However, you are not pressured by anything but simply thinking about your desires. You will enjoy life most comfortably.

Life Choices mod download

To start the game, you need to choose your character. The game then displays multi-selected information about yourself and your family. By answering questions with answers, you will build a character’s personality. The answer is your choice, so the character’s personality will be similar to yours. Personality has a significant influence on the character’s later actions. Next, you choose the job you love the most, which matches your abilities. For example, you can become a teacher, businessman, dancer, or thief. Choose a career that brings you the most benefits.

Life Choices mod free

Create a happy town

At the beginning of the game, the town of Unicoville is still highly wild. However, you will find that there is much that you can extract from this small town. Let’s start building houses for the city. Turn tiny houses into more extensive, more spacious and comfortable homes. Improve the road system to make travelling more convenient. These activities will contribute to improving the lives of people in the town. However, players need to determine that you will have to spend several resources. All buildings need upgrading. Subsequent upgrades consume more resources than previous upgrades.

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Home improvement

After taking care of the whole town a lot, don’t forget your beloved home. The house will be where you come back after hours of tiring work. Therefore, it is necessary to take special care of your home more than other houses. The design of your home is very detailed. First, you need to choose the wall paint and floor tiles colour. Next, choose pieces of furniture that you feel match your aesthetic. The more beautiful, modern and luxurious the items are, the more money they need to own. All spaces in the house are shown under incredibly realistic and gorgeous 3D graphics. You can move to more giant mansions when you unlock them.

Life Choices mod android

Create your own family

Life Choices will follow you from when you were a child until you grow up and grow old. Adulthood is perhaps the period of most significant change. You have reached the age where you can get married and need to find a life partner. Choose someone whose personality suits you best for a long-term relationship. After that, the two will hold a wedding together. Once married, the two will have children together. The two will take care of and raise their children together. The whole family will live happily under one roof. You can teach them in your direction. Make them grow up with good qualities.

Life Choices mod apk

Life Choices is like a miniature of our society. However, in Life Choices, you are allowed to make choices that dictate the entire functioning of the world. Start an exciting and colourful new life. Re-select family, work and choose a suitable object to get married. Build houses and towns at your disposal. Constantly changing to make your life, your family, and the people in the city better and better. Download Life Choices mod to be free to live and change your life the way you want.

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