Left to Survive MOD APK v5.2.1 (Menu/Unlimited ammo/High damage)

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NameLeft to Survive
PublisherMy.com B.V.
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited ammo/High damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation


  • Unlimited ammo

V2: Menu

  • 1000 ammo (before the mission)
  • Instant reload
  • High damage
  • Equip don’t consume (knife, first aid kit)

Apocalypse, a series of zombies appear, changing the landscape of the world. Left to Survive is a shooting game for survival, against hordes of evil zombies. Start with the war, regain the peaceful life as before. The world has fallen into the hands of zombies, they are always looking for ways to take human life. Your only mission now is to fight to survive. Find ways to survive dangerous wars. Left to Survive opens a battle with many complex developments, fighting against a large number of zombies. The perfect combination of battle and survival, where people protect their lives.

Left to Survive mod download

Download Left to Survive mod – Fight to end the apocalypse

The world appeared with chaos, scenes of death. The context Left to Survive brings no difference from the apocalypse. Zombies have gained control and threatened the people here. Players need to have a specific strategy to be able to attack zombies quickly. Participate in shootings, aiming accurately at each zombie. You will play the role of a brave warrior, confronting a large force of evil zombies. Left to Survive is a legendary game, loved by many gamers. For those who like to fight, dare to face challenges, Left to Survive is a suggestion. Life has completely changed when there are zombies. End these days of living in danger, fear. Return to everyday life, not being harmed by any force.

Left to Survive mod

The zombie fighting game is constantly being released by game publishers with many attractive game modes. Left to Survive is no exception. From the game image to the gameplay, it always attracts players. Saving humanity is no longer blocked by armies of zombies. Life at this time will also depend on the player. Fight to get rid of zombies from the area. Become the last survivor, go to every location to join the battle. Own a variety of modern weapons, use in each battle. Causes all zombies to no longer have the strength to resist.

Left to Survive mod apk

Protecting humanity

Every place in the world has zombie footprints. They constantly chase and attack humans in any way. Players will face reality, not hiding. Go in front of the zombies and shoot them consecutively. The noble mission is to be able to ensure the freedom and safety of the people here. Step into the battle, stand up like a hero, show your strength. Focus on fighting, don’t fall into dangerous traps. Help all humanity to escape from living in the days of fear. Destroy the bloodthirsty monsters, bring peace to all areas of this world.

Left to Survive mod free

Set up base

The base will be the place for the player to reside, gather his army. Invest a sum of money to be able to build a complete base. This place will also be the target of zombies, they want to destroy your stronghold. Therefore, players will also need to protect the defense, not let them topple. You can ultimately build the way you want, arranged with solid construction. Let this be a place to return to after fierce battles, a place to train new skills for the next battles. The zombies also have their own base, you can go to the place, defeat the evil bosses. Use powerful support weapons to kill the undead, taking their valuable resources. Build with teammates, set up a place to gather brave warriors.

Left to Survive mod android

Dramatic PvP battles

Compete with friends in the exciting PvP game mode. Show your shooting talent and win. You are bored with playing alone, then this is a perfect choice. Passionate about guns and want to challenge yourself in each battle. Challenge your friends or team up with them against enemy forces. Learn new experiences, find someone who can shoot a good gun. Go solo and compete for victory. Confront formidable opponents, use all your skills to defeat the enemy. Left to Survive will bring countless thrilling battles, where you will be the most powerful warrior. Download Left to Survive mod to join the battle, end the apocalypse.

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2 months ago

A newer version of the game is available. Please update the game to continue playing.

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