Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK v1.18.5 (Menu/Free craft/Max durability)

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NameLast Day on Earth: Survival
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free craft/Max durability
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • Free craft
  • Open all recipes
  • Max durability

Last Day on Earth: Survival recreates life in the world affected by the pandemic. Making humans unable to survive and causing the population to decline. Only a few people with stronger immune systems are left with their lives. The game allows you to role-play the character and survive life by daily crafting weapons and finding food sources. Moreover, face and fight against hordes of man-eating zombies. They can take your life at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions and fight to destroy them.

Last Day on Earth Survival mod

Download game Last Day on Earth: Survival mod – Maintain life and kill zombies

Last Day on Earth: Survival opens a life with many difficulties, and death is always near. Dead people will turn into zombies, and they always find a way to attack you. Players will have to fight and defend their own lives. Will you live and destroy all those dangerous zombies? Or surrender and let them eat and end your life? The answer will be when you come to Last Day on Earth: Survival and participate in life. Face the zombies and don’t let them attack. Find food to survive the day and gain strength to fight. Last Day on Earth: Survival will let players show off their ability to fight zombies.

Face the zombies and fight them hard. The zombies are bloodthirsty and always look to humans to satisfy that need. Therefore, you are always a target for them to attack. Death will be able to come and end your life when falling into the hands of zombies. Try to fight hard and escape the chase from them. Build a solid place to hide. Use and craft powerful weapons to destroy easily. Last Day on Earth: Survival will open a fierce battle between you and zombies. Try to kill them as quickly as possible and ensure your own life.

Last Day on Earth Survival mod free

Equipping the place to live

The safe place to hide from the zombie siege is your home. Players need to build and make the most stable place to live. To be able to take shelter and avoid distress at any time. Have all the necessary facilities and always have food available. Invest in the construction of the house and arrange the furniture in the house in the most reasonable way. There is a place to rest after battles. It is one of the most effective ways to escape from zombies. Focus on strengthening the works for your house. Expand the area with a larger area. Together with Last Day on Earth: Survival and build many spacious rooms with all amenities.

Last Day on Earth Survival mod apk

Exploiting resources, food

Every day, players also go looking for food and work. Exploiting from available natural resources. Satisfy your daily life and activities. From there, there is a source of food to live through each day. Recharge energy and power to fight hateful zombies. Chop firewood, cut trees, grow vegetables and fruits, fish, and harvest them for cooking. Covering daily life and labor. Do whatever it takes to survive and maintain your life so that the character does not die of hunger and continues with his own life.

Last Day on Earth Survival mod android

Produce weapons against zombies

The zombies always have a powerful and powerful army. They will cover and continuously attack you at all times. Your job to face them is to run away quickly and not let the zombies see your appearance. At the same time, produce weapons of various genres. Use in cases of need and be ready to face them. Continuously upgrade and make those weapons more modern, capable of great damage. From there, every zombie will no longer be a thing to scare you. Their number appears many, and the attack makes you unable to the run-up. At that time, the weapon will be an effective tool for players to fight against them most thoroughly.

Bringing to a world with a pandemic raging and making the dead. You are one of the lucky ones to survive but will have to fight the zombies. Step into the attack and chase from the zombies themselves. Build safe bases and self-sufficient food to increase strength. Download Last Day on Earth: Survival mod to fight against zombies, help the world return to normal life.

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