Last Arrows MOD APK 3.1.04 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked Skins)

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NameLast Arrows APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Unlocked Skins
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Skip the popular scopes and get different at Last Arrows. Prepare yourself for the thrill of every reload until firing. One shot will decide the fate of many people and have many other consequences. Learn special skills that make it easier to shoot enemies—the perfect combination of calculation ability, tactical thinking and decisiveness. Defeat the bosses and survive to return to your beloved home. The particular mode will test your understanding and your ability to choose. Kill the level of using weapons with the masters. The plot draws people in and draws people into closely linked events.

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Download Last Arrows mod – A small family’s escape journey in the middle ages

It can be said that feudal dynasties still dominate the medieval world. The weapons, like swords, maces, and axes, were very rudimentary. More significant improvements exist, such as spears, bows or catapults with great destructive power. Although weapons appeared before this time, and some are new, their common point is that they are outdated compared to modern times and only optimal at that time. Imagine that a planetary-level disaster happens; what will humans’ fate be? Modern technology with advanced weapons is difficult to fight against outside creatures, let alone simple weapons.

Yet, in the game world, such a disaster happened. A massive space object collided with the Earth. Its contact point is a forest where many hunters and natives live. With tremendous speed, it created a terrifying shock wave. A green forest was bare when all the leaves were blown away, and the weak trees also uprooted and flew away. Up close, it was even direr when the heat created an explosion that made dozens of kilometres around become the ground. It seemed this was more than enough for a collision, but no. Strange creatures began to emerge from the debris.

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Scary parasites and radiation exposure

They are creatures that are as black as the colour of meteorites. The upper body is well developed with a large head and long but thin arms. On the part of their hands, there is also a bright red symbol representing bloodthirsty. But the ability to move is relatively slow when the lower limbs are tiny. This will be the most significant amount of monsters and the easiest to destroy. The toxic chemicals released during the explosion changed the environment. Animals with weak resistance will die gradually. But the powerful predators continued to survive. With long-term exposure to extraterrestrial substances, they have become huge, and their resistance increased significantly.

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A father with a burden on his shoulders

A man with a talent for using bows and arrows very well, he fought through countless battles with the royal army, and when he was old, he retired to the mountains to hide with the one he loved to build a small family. He hunted wild animals and cut trees for building materials. When disaster struck, he evacuated the whole family, but there was a big obstacle. Because he lived at the end of the forest to avoid the search of the royal family because they wanted him to return to the army; therefore, if you want to evacuate to a safe place, you can only go through that deadly area. With no other choice, he took out the legendary bow and took his wife and children away.

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Seize the opportunity and unique possibilities

As a pioneer, you must not fall because the people you love are behind you. Align the special arrow so that it pierces as many targets as possible. There will be demons overloaded with radioactive energy and like a bomb. Point an arrow at it and decisively strike to create an explosion that clears the enemy. Hide behind the old trees to escape the sight of the giant monsters. Special skills will support big battles at high levels. Use the curve to control the volley by calculation, fire multiple shots at once, or the ability to focus.

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Unique modes

Come to Survive to train your ability to fight under pressure. Shoot continuously at things that are trying to rush and choose between types of items. Duel on abandoned tower tops after waves of attacks with challengers. Those are bandits on the road, defeat them, and you will get many radishes. Help the strong man get his small family out of the storm in the Last Arrows mod.

Download Last Arrows MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked Skins) for Android

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