Kung Fu karate MOD APK 3.94 (Dumb enemy)

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NameKung Fu karate APK
PublisherFrolics Simulation & Action Games
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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If you are a martial arts lover and want to experience a game with that theme, Kung Fu karate should probably be your first destination. This fighting game gives you the most basic concepts of traditional martial arts and techniques for performing each attack. From there, combine them to create combos to deal with the enemy. Of course, all will be done on smartphones only. You will control the character and fight the opponent. Use all the martial arts skills you have learned to defeat the enemy in front of you. Step-by-step practice and master to become a true martial arts master. The battle of the gods has just begun.

Kung Fu karate mod

Download Kung Fu karate – Use martial arts in effective confrontation

Kung Fu karate focuses mainly on the player’s fighting speed and reflexes. Using the character, you can perform basic operations such as moving, jumping, or crouching. Accompanied by buttons that show skills and deal damage to the opponent, as well as the standard rules of a fighting game. You and your opponent will have a lot of opportunities to dodge and block the opponent’s attacks. Whoever loses all his blood first loses. The skill competition was pushed to the highest level. With a narrow match space, both sides have to rub many times in a row. This is a paradise for players who want to practice and show off their skills.

Both players against each other have two essential stats bars. First, it’s blood and stamina. Health represents the player’s health before and after the match. The rest is the stamina to launch different attacks and skills. Each skill consumes a certain amount of stamina. Fitness can be restored over time. However, you can only punch and kick so the opponent will attack continuously. Use physical strength and move appropriately. Keeping the opponent’s distance for future attacks is an art. Mastering this skill will take time. But you will always be confident before all opponents when you have mastered it.

Kung Fu karate mod apk

Own unique character

Keeping with the oriental martial arts theme, Kung Fu karate has released the design and creation of the characters you can play. The familiarity from the boxers can be seen when they bring bold characteristics and martial arts styles of Asian countries. For example, the image of a Chinese martial artist is inspired by the legend of Bruce Lee. The sumo wrestlers represent the quintessence of Japanese martial arts. Or Muay Thai fighters with a bold identity of Thai martial arts. There are many other characters to choose from and master their martial arts and moves. The movie also exhibits a different animation and consumes its own HP.

Kung Fu karate mod apk free

Stats based strategy

Each boxer has their strength and stats. With three basic stats are strength, endurance, and flexibility. Strength clearly shows damage from continuous attacks. Endurance indicates that the boxer can withstand consecutive counterattacks without difficulty or losing a lot of blood. Flexibility is evident in the way you move in each match. No stat is the same among fighters. Therefore, there will be counter-options in combat that are constantly being made. Suppose you have a chance to know how the enemy plays, choose counterplay to increase your win rate to the highest possible level.

Kung Fu karate mod free

Exciting competitive tournaments

The primary goal of all players in Kung Fu karate is to be able to participate in martial arts tournaments. Every certain period, all players will gather together at the tournament. Pass many rounds with difficult opponents to be able to progress further. The rewards will depend on the size of that tournament. A new character, a title, or a considerable amount of money? All are attractive and worth your effort, and get them. But keep in mind there will be a lot of talented players participating in these tournaments as well. Their skills are not something to be taken lightly. And if you are confident enough, beat them all to win.

Kung Fu karate free

Martial arts-themed games have never lost their charm. It can be seen that the fighting genre is growing and becoming more diverse for all players to access. Kung Fu karate mod will be a good product with excellent martial arts performances. Players will practice their skills seriously to become true experts.

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