Knighthood MOD APK 1.15.6 (Menu/Unlimited actions/One hit kill)

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NameKnighthood APK
PublisherMidoki Roleplaying Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited actions/One hit kill
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation

Unlimited actions // Unlimited action chains

One hit kill // Kill enemies with 1 hit

Since childhood, many of us have dreamed of becoming a knight. Even though no knights appear in real life anymore, you can still fulfill your childhood dream by joining Knighthood. It is a role-playing video game by Midoki Roleplaying Games. Joining Knighthood, the player is transformed into a knight protecting the righteous. As a knight and descendant of the Range Knight, you will participate in an adventure to the epic world. Countless battle with monsters and opponents is ready for you to join. Moreover, your side will have teammates in the guild. You never have to fight alone.

Knighthood mod

Download Knighthood mod – Awaken the blood of knights and fight to protect the homeland

Under the protection of the Range Knights, the land of Astellan was peaceful for a long time. Then, the evil lord Karnon awoke from the dungeon and corrupted the knights. Then he destroyed the lives of the people of Astellan. Faced with this urgent situation, your blood of knights needs to be revived and reawakened. Enter an RPG into a fantasy world and take on challenges to become stronger. Challenges for you include hunting, fighting monsters enemies, and fighting with guilds. The challenges in the land of Astellan take place in fields, villages, temples, and castles. After you progress, your adventure will continue in many other lands.

Knighthood mod apk free

The game’s opening is the formation of the descendant of Dange Knight. The player will get the help of Mr. Drakeson. You will go through some primary RPG challenges first. Then look for the iron gauntlet and artifacts. If you hunt, you can get rare treasures. In intense RPG battles, you need careful strategic preparation. Choose weapons and generals that suit your combat goals. In control, the player creates perfect attacks by combining the character’s weapons, gloves, and moves.

Knighthood mod download

Summon support hero

Each character and weapon will have different pros and cons. So each battle is a time when you have to strain your brain to find the most optimal strategy. You can summon a pair of heroes to assist you during the war. They have their unique strength and amazing attack ability. If you align your timing when your fury is maxed out and signal to attack, your opponent will probably not be able to block your attack. For example, if you summon Ash, this hero will help you burn a group of enemies. Additionally, Ash reduces enemy HP for three turns.

Knighthood mod android

Upgrade every aspect of the character

Upgrading heroes is an essential part of any role-playing game. It’s the same in Knighthood. Players upgrade their hero to make him stronger and stronger. Only then will you be able to deal with the terrifying monsters and enemies out there. Body parts such as the torso, arms, and legs are where you can upgrade. It would be best to upgrade outer equipment such as capes, shoulder armor, leg guards, gloves, helmets, and weapons. The upgrade requires gold coins. However, the higher your level is, the more expensive it will be to upgrade. You will need to use rubies, the highest currency of this game.

Knighthood mod apk

Join the guild

In this game, you can choose to fight with your teammates, so you don’t feel lonely. Join an existing clan. Your clan will participate in many battles with other guilds. The scariest thing is the giant Guild Boss, and they are powerful, so you and your allies need a specific strategy and good coordination to defeat them. You can also create your guild then recruit allies. Grow your clan stronger and stronger than ever. Clan members can chat in real-time. It increases solidarity and helps you exchange strategies.

Knighthood mod free

Knighthood is an epic adventure. It takes you to a beautiful, magical shimmering epic world. You get to experience being a talented knight trying to protect his homeland. The series of challenges for you is unique and diverse. Suffocating battles with worthy opponents and beautiful allies. Download the Knighthood mod to become a knight, enter arenas with other players and command your clan now before you regret it.

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