Kawaii Legend MOD APK v2.0.8 (No skill Cooldown)

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NameKawaii Legend
PublisherSuper Effective Inc.
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesNo skill Cooldown
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Kawaii Legend learns in a magical environment, using your skills to destroy the demons. The city you live in is in danger, and the group of friends you study with must join hands to help everyone. The knowledge that you have learned will be of great help in the battle. Even though you’re a high school girl, you already have superpowers to stand up to the destroyers. Your skills will also have to be trained a lot, not being able to improve in a day or two. All efforts will bear fruit; rest assured that the destroyer will soon be removed from the beautiful Japanese city.

Kawaii Legend mod

Download Kawaii Legend mod – Become a girl with superpowers

Kawaii Legend allows you to play the role of a high school girl with top magic skills. The world you live in is suddenly turned into chaos by demons, and they turn your life upside down. If everything is badly affected, stop this situation as soon as possible. You are like high-class ninja warriors, and only you can save all of humanity. The unfortunate victims were also severely tortured both mentally and physically, keeping them soon. Not a propensity for action using guns, but magic is enough for you to destroy them. Your ecstasies are so bright and shining that the zombies will indeed be distracted.

Kawaii Legend apk free

Despite having the title of a girl, your skills every time you go to battle are not inferior to anyone. A superhero girl with an iron spirit bravely fought against a giant monster alone. Standing in front of the many fears must be put aside firmly to practice successfully. Your spells will always be new and updated regularly because the level of play is also increasing. Epic battles are waiting for you, challenges one after another. The powerful zombies can summon more miniature monsters to join the fight. You have to put all your effort and bring out the highest magic you possess to conquer.

Kawaii Legend mod apk

Character makeup

Your beauty must always be maintained no matter what the circumstances. For example, a female student with top-notch magic skills had to retain her position in the arena even more. No need to hesitate or pity any zombies and all must lie down. Players can choose their favorite costumes and colors. Ninja warrior appearance will also be appreciated if you know how to coordinate. Unique designs are released in turn, touching the hearts of players. Going to the arena must not only shine but also attract the eyes of others. Your outfit will be the highlight that impresses the enemy right from the first meeting.

Kawaii Legend android

Conquer your kingdom

The city you live in every day is destroyed to the point of shabby. The destruction of zombies is too great for ordinary people to bear. With the determination to bring peace to this world, the only way is to fight. There must be a sacrifice in exchange for sublimation and brilliant success. People here will also have to respect you and be grateful for their efforts. Show the total power you have in front of your opponent; the people around you also expect good things. Every time you ecstasy before the magical magic, you look ghostly. But the very way of enchantment, you will gather information from the dungeon.

Kawaii Legend apk

Evil zombie

The demons in Kawaii Legend are brutal and don’t respect you as a girl. So do not think about peaceful solutions; they must be punished by concrete measures. The cruelty they inflicted on humans is unforgivable; they must pay back to humans at any cost. Zombies torment humanity, sending schoolgirls into places that terrify them. The dark plots with a series of destructive actions have made your person stand still. With bosses even more dangerous, they are at the top of the zombies’ brains. All orders to launch are influenced by boss hugs, killing the boss as quickly as possible.

Kawaii Legend fights the evil eras that are increasingly disturbing the whole Japanese city. The girls your age are in danger; please come in time and handle everything smoothly in various ways to kill zombies, mainly by magic. Your talent, experience, and top-notch skills will make you successful. The sins left by zombies have brought unpredictable consequences. Quickly quelling the riots and driving them out of the world is the best way. Unleash a lot of magic to counter the massive army of demons. Download Kawaii Legend mod, dive into the role of a schoolgirl and explore the dungeon origins.

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