Jurassic Survival Island MOD APK 10.4 (Unlimited money)

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NameJurassic Survival Island APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The fantasy world always gives people a lot of new and unexpected things. Besides movies or comics, games are the most significant space in which the virtual world develops. Through the countless creations of game makers, you can travel to the future, go back to the past, and even step into a world that does not exist. And at Jurassic Survival Island, players are transported back millions of years to the Jurassic period. The famous Jurassic is the period in which dinosaurs grew the most. If you have curiosity about this ancient creature, let Jurassic Survival Island help. The game will let you go into the land of old dinosaurs and uncover the secrets buried under fossils.

Jurassic Survival Island mod

Download Jurassic Survival Island mod – Explore the ocean world

Jurassic Survival Island will take players to a strange land lying alone on the blue ocean. You will live on three neighboring islands in this area. There’s no other kind on it; you’re the only one. The rustic nature of prehistoric times can help you comfortably purify your soul. On the island, players can make friends with plants and animals. They are fantastic and fun. However, you do not anticipate the dangers that await. Don’t let the freshness and fun of the green island blind you. Because wanting to be a part of the world of the wild, some many waves and challenges need you to conquer.

Jurassic Survival Island apk

The ultimate goal of Jurassic Survival Island for players is to survive on a deserted island. But let’s be frank, staying on this primordial land isn’t easy. Your hands, brain, and physical strength are your most important weapons. On the island, there is already an abundant treasure of raw materials. These include bricks, stones, trees, and animals. Your job is to use your survival skills to turn those single items into tools and weapons. For example, use sticks and sharp stones to make spears and spears. They will help you have bumper hunting trips. Or use stone and wood to make a fire and grill fragrant chunks of wild game. Remember, you are surviving by all means.

Jurassic Survival Island mod apk

Build the shelter

In such a dangerous place, build yourself a safe hiding place. Craft is also a key element in the survival challenge of Jurassic Survival Island. Money and gold are two things that can be used and exchanged in this game. You will receive them when you complete the quests in the magazine, map, or booklet. Gold coins can be used to buy all resources on the island. Please take advantage of it to make your life on the uninhabited island comfortable. Use brick, stone, and metal to design your shelter. You can create an advanced housing system right from the beginning. They will be your shield to protect you from fierce tigers and wild wolves here.

Jurassic Survival Island apk free

Tame dangerous dinosaurs

In Jurassic Survival Island, species like tyrannosaurs, flying dinosaurs, and mammoths exist. You can hunt small animals or make food, but with these giants, be careful. They can chase you back and push you to the edge. However, to avoid becoming a rival and living long on the island, you can tame prehistoric animals. Although they have large bodies, they are also charming. After giving them meat and fresh berries, we can get close to mammoths or dinosaurs. Care is key to this relationship. And who knows, they will protect you when the fights come. There are more genuinely evil monsters waiting.

Jurassic Survival Island android

Grow your flying dinosaur

Besides taming large animals, you can create your flying dinosaur. Nurture and incubate them from the time they are in the eggshell. You can pick up dinosaur eggs where dinosaurs fall. Or find them in crystal eggs on the island through events and quests. Collecting lots of eggs and crystals will give you an extremely loyal army. Not only dinosaurs, but you can also create dragons. They are true hunters at the top of the island food chain. Whether it was the earth or the sky, the dinosaurs of that time were like the kings of all animals. But with a foster, they will love and protect wholeheartedly.

Jurassic Survival Island is an action game but not too fierce and competitive. Players are challenged to survive on a deserted island with many surprises and worries. But gradually, you will get used to it and see that many things are enough to support yourself. Not only that, go one but return five, return ten with dinosaurs and tamed animals. Download Jurassic Survival Island mod and experience survival in the Jurassic period.

Download Jurassic Survival Island MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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