Juan Takbo MOD APK 3.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameJuan Takbo APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.1+
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You should have enough money to buy

Juan Takbo runs at top speed, overcoming all obstacles in the city. You will be directly involved in the adventure in the Philippines. The streets are filled with cars, and you must wriggle around to collect candies on the road but still ensure your life. You are running a race against yourself, plunging into the challenge to show your talent. For you, it’s super fun, exploring the whole street from above or on the road. You jump up and down continuously with instincts that combine obstacle techniques. Fast race with valuable candies accumulate a lot, then Juan’s life will change dramatically.

Juan Takbo apk

Download Juan Takbo mod – Speed ​​up to complete the challenge

Juan Takbo challenges you through a quest to find candy in the streets. The main goal is to own a lot of candy, sell it and earn money to change your life. You run as far as possible, gain many achievements and cross the streets as fast as the wind. Peak speed challenges you against bulky, tall trucks that you still have to jump over. Players use sliding keys, left to right, flexibly. Dodge the roadside obstacles by swiping the screen and continue to run into the empty place. But if there are small objects in front of you, you can make the jump. You need to flick your hand on the screen, and Juan will jump over that obstacle.

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You must run fast and get lots of candies before that turn is over. Overcome the heavy traffic, and jump high on the roofs to successfully collect candy. But the player must also balance his speed if he does not want to rush into the car in front. On the way, you will also encounter the police; dodge them, or you will be in trouble. With your tricks, it’s always easy to circumvent the law, but also be careful. Playing is not always as easy as eating candy; sometimes, time passes several times, making your speed accelerate quickly. That means that the next level is always more difficult, not easy to conquer.

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Collect a tremendous amount of candy

Juan Takbo sets a goal for you to conquer: accumulating giant candies on the way. The more you earn, the more money you make. A mischievous boy will do many surprises to complete the level. With the number of candies given, Juan must perform every step correctly. The candy will be on the car or the road, and your task is to teleport the right screen to get the candy successfully. Colorful candies always give us many secrets, find them and bring them back. Avoid obstacles and adjustable speed to receive many valuable rewards. Make friends and sell candy to customers in need right on the street.

Juan Takbo mod

Character customization

With the money you have, Juan Takbo always has many options. For example, with costumes, you put on super modern outfits from the system. You carry a stick to touch the candy faster, but that’s the first time you play; the more you need to change later. Players should have a lot of discretion with each item they hold. Personalize to stand out, don’t hesitate to transform yourself. In the beginning, with just a tank top, sundresses look sketchy. As time goes on, players improve themselves, gradually upgrading. Choose solid shoes, and running can not be worn. So take your character to the top, and get a whole look.

Juan Takbo mod apk

Build your dream home

The candy you sell will also be enough to pay for your ordinary expenses. You will refurbish the house and earn more necessary tools. Enjoy the space that you built yourself, and it’s extremely chill. Players use the money from candy sales to fulfill this small dream. Want to own a private house, decorate and buy furniture yourself? Bustling life according to the city, doing challenges from morning and night are allowed. Coins and pearls are the two most significant assets for you to build a house. The house worth living in is about to be formed thanks to the effort of racing with the Philippine city. But don’t over-decorate unnecessary things.

Juan Takbo becomes a guy named Juan who wants to explore new things. Players can use many skills simultaneously, left to right, and slide up and down. The candy collecting challenge will not stop until the player conquers all the levels. You can earn a high income as a street boy in the Philippines. With a lot of money, you start to renovate yourself and the house you are in. Players run fast, and fatigue does not appear in the race. Download Juan Takbo mod, and run fast to collect candies of great value.

Download Juan Takbo MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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