Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course MOD APK v1.8.12 (God mode)

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NameJelly Shift – Obstacle Course
PublisherSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course is a game with addictive gameplay. The jellies are in a multitude of different shapes, and you will help them change many new forms and slide on the path. The game brings completely new experiences. Avoid dangerous obstacles along the way and return to your destination safely. It is a path that allows unlimited skating if you control it without making mistakes. Come to Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course and try the playing experience. It certainly won’t disappoint players.

Jelly Shift Obstacle Course mod

Download Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course mod – Have fun with jellies

Starting into the game, players will be attracted by the image of the character. Shows up cutely with a relatively simple interface. The feeling that the player will need to control is the jelly. This is also what causes curiosity for each gamer. The exciting game modes have given the game a lot of support from players. After only a few months of being released, Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course has millions of downloads. Eye-catching shapes of each jelly are provided. At the same time, players can also completely change their shape at will. It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course will let players have fun with many colorful jellies.

Jelly Shift Obstacle Course mod apk

Go through the obstacles safely. You will control the ice jelly to the finish line. The jelly will only skate without knowing how to dodge dangerous objects. It will all depend on the player, leading the way for each jelly to not collide with obstacles. Immerse yourself in the fun world of jelly. Follow the rules of Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course set forth. Complete the missions, get high achievements. Make every jelly that will be back to the destination.

Jelly Shift Obstacle Course mod free

Go through all the obstacles

The jellies are soft and pliable like your favorite food. Some jellies are also very easy to melt and spoil quickly. The player’s task will be to move these ice cubes on the road. Avoid the obstacles that appear on the way. Along the way, you will encounter many different obstacles. They will have different designs and still arrange gaps for the jelly to pass through. But these jellies don’t know how to control the path. Therefore, players will need to observe and help them pass safely. After overcoming obstacles, the jelly can change shape quickly. The ability to transform with extremely eye-catching and lovely shapes. It needs to be done quickly, or the jellies will be damaged or fall on the runway.

Jelly Shift Obstacle Course mod android

Transfiguration jelly

Not only having a default shape, but these jellies also can change their own shapes. It is easy for players to see their countless other appearances. A variety of striking colors will also be provided. They also come with many additional accessories, appearing with adorable animal images. Jelly-shaped buffalo, cat, dog … or familiar cartoon characters. The speed of transformation when going through obstacles, constantly changing makes players overwhelmed. In addition to the jelly with the original color and design, you will also unlock more. Discover more variety of jellies.

Accelerate to the finish line

Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course is like bringing a race track. The jellies seem to be professional racers. Instant acceleration to make new breakthroughs and set records. By making lots of accurate hurdles, many brilliant challenges appear. It will help the player to accelerate as quickly as possible. Make these jellies easily pass through all obstacles. Return to the destination and overcome all challenges, achieve high achievements.

Jelly Shift Obstacle Course mod download

Bonus rotation

The rotation contains special bonuses for players when completing the rounds. Inside will contain countless multi-colored balls. Each color will bring a different reward. Valuable gifts will help players have more new advantages. Diamonds are precious items so that you can unlock more gems. Hero characters, animals with many colors will be provided. Fill your jelly collection even further with Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course. Download Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course mod to explore the world of colorful jelly.

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