Jackal Retro MOD APK 1.1.109 (God mode/High Damage)

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NameJackal Retro APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode/High Damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
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  1. Damage multiplier
  2. God Mode
  3. Lots of gold coins
  4. Unlimited Energy

V2 Unlimited Money/Rewards

Invade the enemy’s lair with just an army jeep and dozens of destructive weapons. Jackal Retro brings players back to the atmosphere of arcade games of the past. But this time, we will experience it on our smartphones. Jackal Retro has funny graphics and gameplay mechanics accessible to any gamer. It’s not a seamless story, but just the main character’s journey to destroy the enemy with a jeep equipped with every weapon. You are almost invincible when storming into any battlefield. The feeling of being bombarded and destroyed is what makes Jackal Retro attractive. Now let’s start rescuing the hostages.

Jackal Retro mod

Download Jackal Retro mod – The journey to rescue hostages and defeat the enemy

With a top-down design in Jackal Retro. Players will get all the specific information to start the wars. Determine where the hostages are held and where the enemy is entrenched. Control the jeep you are driving by long pressing on the screen. Then move your finger in the direction so that the jeep moves in your desired direction. How will we attack the enemy? With the fully equipped military weapons mounted on the jeep, of course. The attack will be completely automated, so you only need to control the jeep to move. The enemy will be uncompromising and use all necessary weapons to prevent you from attacking.

The goal of all levels in Jackal Retro is to destroy all enemies. Then free each hostage being held and bring them to a safe area. This episode has appeared in many old arcade games. And that has never made gamers feel bored or bored. You have all the weapons you need to defeat all the enemies. Find out their location and attack the military equipment continuously. There is only one jeep on our side, but the enemy side will mobilize many different fighting forces. We don’t need to change but upgrade the weapons for future attacks.

Jackal Retro mod apk

Change weapon on jeep.

Two main types of weapons are used when you fight with a jeep. First, there are guns with additional firepower and throwing grenades. The weapon will be the one you use the most because it has excellent firepower and can be fired continuously. We will both shoot and move to avoid enemy attacks. After each game screen, you will be rewarded with more gold. Upgrade for more powerful guns and add unique effects. It is possible to increase damage, the number of bullets, increase the rate of fire… The grenades also apply the same upgrade and are very useful for situations of attacking nearby enemies. Attacks are based on the map and enemy location.

Jackal Retro mod apk free

Experience a variety of jeeps

Jeep is used to move and is what makes Jackal Retro unique compared to other games with the same theme. Usually, they will only be used to transport weapons, rather than to storm the battlefield in a championship way like in this game; Jeeps in Jackal Retro have not only one but many types. Of course, you will need a large amount of gold to own another version. Completely change the appearance and design of the car. Also increases power stats and possibly special abilities. Some vehicles will help move faster on the battlefield. Some types will create a rain of rockets that wipe out enemies and would help if you bought several kinds of jeeps with various gameplay.

Jackal Retro mod free

Various missions to complete

Not only rescuing hostages, but Jackal Retro also requires players to perform many tasks in each campaign. The first stage will be a task for a level. However, the more you play, the more you will have to complete many tasks simultaneously. The first is to rescue the hostages and bring them back to safety successfully. To do this, you must destroy all enemies at that level. The second is to shoot down enemy defenses. Players will be rewarded with additional skills that help in battle. Finally, destroy the power stations in the enemy base, leading to opening the exit gate and successfully escaping. That variety will make it difficult for players.

Jackal Retro free

Suitable for entertainment in a short time with the speed of a reasonably fast game screen. Jackal Retro relies on players’ skills and good reflexes to win. Don’t forget to upgrade weapons to get the power threshold to defeat the enemy. See how far you can go in this simple yet fun game. Download the Jackal Retro mod and try it alone or with friends in a fun and exciting way.

Download Jackal Retro MOD APK (God mode/High Damage) for Android

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