Iron Punch MOD APK 1.7.2 (Unlimited upgrade points)

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NameIron Punch APK
PublisherNaxeex Action & RPG Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited upgrade points
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Iron Punch bears the name of a street hero who specializes in using punches to defeat criminals. These gangsters are showing their power here, every street corner is becoming the focus of the battle. Each player’s crime-handling style is different, but the common feature is that your character has to move a lot. Every movement is calculated in advance, and the distance you come into contact with the enemy is also carefully considered. Your hero cannot be in danger if you need to escape troublemakers. Do not let this strong body get injured; it will ruin all plans later.

Iron Punch apk free

Download Iron Punch mod – Deal with the gangsters in the city

A city that was once beautiful, busy and lively has now become a pathetic place. That is the result of fighting rampant criminals. They have also colluded with the police and military forces to become stronger. These are the two core forces of the people also falling into smoke. This betrayal has made people in the city no longer live; you are also in danger. You must show up in time as the last heroic warrior who can save this situation. Fight with the gangsters, and teach them a great lesson so that this situation will not continue for another day.

Iron Punch mod apk

In the city, can ordinary people withstand your super punch? With that difficulty, you carry a more oversized fate hidden behind special missions. Criminals are the only force standing in your way to the legendary title. Your journey will be even longer if you don’t handle this team. Mafia members are hiding behind dangerous nooks and crannies, offering many traps for you to enter. That is extremely dangerous; the player’s life can be destroyed. They will not let you catch them quickly, find all ways to counter or dodge. You are like them, trying to find and hide if needed.

Iron Punch apk

Use iron fist

The iron punch image is displayed on the right corner of the screen; when you click on it, the force will be performed. Around it is a heart-shaped symbol indicating your vitality at each moment. The small lightning shape is the remaining energy you can use when using your fist. The power of each punch depends on how the player uses it. With distant objects, you should attack with solid force to eat them off. And if the distance is close, the usual gentle punches also cause significant damage. Both of your hands are installed with iron, so they can break things and physically impact many surfaces.

Iron Punch

Moving everywhere

Many locations in the city are mined, either underground or above ground. You step on high-rise buildings to look down below, locating enemies in sight. You keep running on the sidewalk or down the roadway when travelling under the road. The space is vastly planned, fully exploiting the terrain to challenge. There is a shortcut to run; click on it to speed up the player during movement. There is a map section in the left corner of the screen; you look there to know the hero’s direction. Look ahead, determine the crime, and then trespass to that spot. You are free to move and act but still have control.

Iron Punch mod

Change weapon

When moving into the city, players can steal a motorbike or car for convenience and shorten the time to find the opponent. The weapons are also changed by rank, thanks to the money you have earned. Accelerate movement, and go to many dangerous places but receive well-deserved bonuses. The guns you own have a specific value. Conditions to satisfy them also take a long time to accumulate. Upgrade them according to the process and fully use the functionality it brings. The specifications are shown in full; you don’t need to worry. Combine Iron Punch’s lightning punch and gun, and you will succeed.

Iron Punch goes with you to conquer the city, looking for strangers to deal with. Emergencies require energy from an iron fist. It would be best if you were flexible between punches and weapons, depending on the enemy’s object, so you come up with a suitable strategy. You are like a real war machine, moving and running everywhere without getting tired. Stand from multiple angles to observe the enemy’s actions. You must be alert when standing before criminals or an army of police. Encounter powerful enemies for great bonuses. Download Iron Punch mod, and develop a fighting style from boxing.

Download Iron Punch MOD APK (Unlimited upgrade points) for Android

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