Iron Muscle IV: gym game MOD APK 1.2671 (Menu/Unlimited money, energy)

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NameIron Muscle IV: gym game APK
PublisherHorhe Bodybuilding games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, energy
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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If you are too lazy to exercise muscles in real life, then Iron Muscle IV: a gym game, will help you own that. Do everything to train an average body to become strong after many stages. Iron Muscle IV: gym game is probably the unique game ever. No one would think that a game about muscle training was created, but it happened and came to the players. Choose a body that you like. Then undergo a prolonged training process combined with the proper nutrition. The goal is to reach certain muscle levels. It didn’t seem like it would succeed, but many people liked it.

Iron Muscle IV gym game mod

Download Iron Muscle IV: gym game mod – Create the most robust and most muscular body

The first step is to design your main character. This is what most games have, but most are role-playing games. However, the purpose of creating a character in Iron Muscle IV: gym game is to make it grow stronger. Even the designs are very detailed from the parts of the face, legs, arms, and chest… Anyway, when practicing, these parts will also have a pronounced change. Reaching the body milestones like professional athletes will be a very long journey. But it is not boring when you are challenged and experience many attractive exercises and competitions. So the first step to becoming a professional wrestler is complete.

The strength of the body will be shown by the level in Iron Muscle IV: gym game. The higher the story, the more time you have practiced. Even training and competition activities help you level up and improve the quality of your body. Muscle groups are divided into 12 different types corresponding to each part. You can choose whether you will practice the parts in an arbitrary order. The number of exercises is also diverse because 20 activities will accompany you in developing your body. Not only in training but nutrition also significantly regulates your fat percentage. Always keep them stable and not superfluous.

Iron Muscle IV gym game mod apk

Ensure safe nutrition

Let’s talk about nutrition first. Because it is the most important thing to help you not be exhausted when exercising and provide the necessary calories. Choose a variety of vegetables and protein-rich foods. You will have to choose the character’s menu for all three meals of a day. The total calories will be added to all three meals. The energy number will show up so you can estimate how much you can do. Surely you can’t give the character more exercise when the energy is exhausted. If you want to exercise more, you must provide more power the next day. But at the same time, ensure not to accumulate too much body fat. A complex and laborious process.

Iron Muscle IV gym game mod apk free

Workout everywhere

Exercises are arranged in various locations in the game. Maybe you’ll work outdoors, in the gym, or the park. Each place will have different training effects that you should consider based on the character’s condition. The exercise revolves around swinging, lifting weights, jogging, lifting chains… As mentioned above, the number is up to 20, so you are free to practice the exercises you like. Be aware that each exercise affects different body parts. Iron Muscle IV: gym game has designed this detail very specifically without being sketchy. So if you are weak in a certain part, you won’t be able to do some exercises. Worse yet, serious illnesses.

Iron Muscle IV gym game mod free

Join the muscle competition

Your destination when building a solid body is to participate in muscle competitions. Here converges, many candidates are prominent and have an almost perfect body. They are your opponents. We will compete in many competitions such as weightlifting, tug of war, push-ups… When you enter the competition, the character will not depend on your control. Instead, they will show off what you’ve built for them over the years. So when you train your feelings, you are also preparing them to participate in competitions. Be the muscle champion and claim the title of number one caretaker.

Iron Muscle IV gym game free

Iron Muscle IV: gym game has brought the uniqueness of a game about building muscle. Create brand new training and nutrition mechanics for players to learn and follow. The results you have made for the character will be represented by their current body. Become the number one fitness trainer and create real champions in Iron Muscle IV: gym game mod.

Download Iron Muscle IV: gym game MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, energy) for Android

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