Idle Trading Empire MOD APK 1.4.11 (Unlimited money)

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NameIdle Trading Empire APK
PublisherBling Bling Games GmbH
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0
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Increase when you spent

Idle Trading Empire created the medieval empire game revolving around the Hanseatic League. This was a trade organization in the old days in what is now northern Germany. Your task is to exploit new lands and renovate that place to become your colony. By collecting so many territories, you will become the most influential person. That is a massive advantage in the upcoming battle. Separate areas have specific resources; the more you own them, the more you develop your empire-building career. So strategic mining gives you many opportunities to upgrade yourself with each level.

Idle Trading Empire mod apk

Download Idle Trading Empire mod – Build the perfect empire

Areas on the map are mined in turn, which is expected to be an explosive scramble between many players. Set up settlements to carry out commodity production projects as diverse as possible. Craft everything if you want, and bring high profits for yourself. Build a whole new empire and strengthen the foundation from the beginning. Touch the monumental masterpieces, plus create life right on the island. You must perform that excellent task now, no more delay. Mining your way, as long as you ensure everything has a specific strategy.

Your properties grow more as you move up the ladder. Unlock more territories; empty land is always available for you to make plans. The first thing you need to do now is to build factories and houses to live in. Living life and generating revenue is very necessary at this time, with money to maintain everything. For you to be an idler, Idle Trading Empire also creates lucky spins to help you. Events large and small have unique rewards if you participate. Working hard at those filming sessions also helps you add more loot, accept it, and don’t miss anything.

Idle Trading Empire apk

Discover a new continent

Idle Trading Empire was built according to the world’s standards, full of land, sea, island, and more. The territories are gradually unlocked based on your level. Everyone’s mining speed is different, fast or slow is okay. But your goal is even more significant, quickly conquer more lands to become stronger. Build a route on it, build a life and start experimenting. The production chains of the factory are gradually standing on every foot of the earth, you have been waiting for this for a long time. Every achievement has the power to help you unlock more vacant land, making good use of them.

Idle Trading Empire apk free

Upgrade facilities

The factory has been started, followed by transactions with merchants. Your goods will be shipped at any time, complete immediately. To achieve high efficiency, you should upgrade the facilities regularly. The application of modern technology in the production process is handy. Even when the product is finished, there is a need for prompt delivery. A vast empire will always be promoted, automatically increasing the source of revenue. Try to earn as much money as possible to get more opportunities to improve services and materials. Everything needs to be run in the entire cycle; the advanced facility will help you do that.

Idle Trading Empire mod

Hire more staff

When your level has achieved many achievements, it is understandable to hire more staff. Guild members will always be ready for the upcoming work. Your work is gradually increasing, choose them carefully. Hiring more workers will promote the operation of production facilities. Besides, they also contribute a lot of effort, creating a certain income. Rich enough to pay for them, take away labor but compensate with wages. When you have someone to work with and manage, your operation cycle becomes stronger and stronger. Increasing productivity every day, adding more products to the market.

Idle Trading Empire is a large-scale simulation that requires players to have a strategy. You can’t just stand there and watch others progress. Every production plan must be executed immediately whenever an idea comes to mind. Constantly expanding the colony, even having to fight. Unique rewards always inspire you to work. Operating at total capacity during continental mining and production. Download Idle Trading Empire mod, and become the wealthiest business tycoon.

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