Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK 1.390.5086 (Unlimited money)

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NameIdle Railway Tycoon APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Never decrease when you spent

Idle Railway Tycoon is a game for you to become a station boss. Build solid railways to meet travel and transportation needs. With the services provided, you will earn the corresponding profits. Manage train departure and return schedules, arrange a reasonable timetable. Serving all the wishes of customers, creating a reputation for the station. Implement strategies to increase revenue and attract more customers. Ready to build your own railway empire, become a rich tycoon.

Idle Railway Tycoon mod

Download Idle Railway Tycoon mod – Railway operator

As a boss, you will have to take on a lot of work, towards the sole goal of earning more money, becoming richer. Each train will depart at different times and need to be scheduled. At the same time, implementing plans for construction and expansion of the route. Improve the efficiency of each service, meeting all necessary requirements. Run the operations here, focusing on the potential customers themselves. Step by step is a railway tycoon, holding significant management power. Holding a large fortune, going up with effort and hard work to achieve excellent labour results.

Idle Railway Tycoon mod free

Simulate the daily working process on the railway line. You will accompany the character and start with the assigned tasks. Monitor the station and develop plans to ensure the train route moves on time. Idle Railway Tycoon provides entertainment as well as a way for players to take the role of a boss. Provide a way to earn idle money, use profits to invest. Maximize your income, develop a station-based economy and keep making money. Build more facilities, restaurants in the vicinity to bring many new services. Upgrade facilities and infrastructure when necessary, making everyone happy.

Idle Railway Tycoon mod download

Train schedule management

The travel demand of customers will increase rapidly every day over time. This is also your opportunity to increase the income from your railway empire. Please see the information and location provided by the guest to arrange a time. Ticket prices will vary depending on the route. Make a list of timetables, balanced with all customers. Open more railway lines, meet the number of train passengers. It all depends on how you manage, apply an intelligent strategy. Collect more different trains, solve any problems that occur during the move.

Idle Railway Tycoon mod apk

Service enhancement

All services, when performed need to be guaranteed speed and the best care. That’s how your station will get more passengers. Minimize the time to buy tickets, do not keep customers waiting. Invest in more automatic ticket vending machines, expand more different ticketing stations. Strengthening control of public order and security, bringing peace of mind to all passengers. Invest in upgrading facilities at the station, improving the platform’s scale to be more spacious. As the number of passengers increases, a narrow platform will cause many undesirable problems. Therefore, investment in improvement will be a way to retain more visitors and make the station more developed.

Idle Railway Tycoon mod android

Expand more stores

To optimize your daily income, you also need to build new facilities. When arriving at the station, each guest will need to meet additional needs for dining and resting areas. Let’s make a shop specializing in selling fast food and drinks. Started from a small shop and developed into a large restaurant after a period of operation. Create an airy and comfortable space for them to rest, play and entertain. Strictly manage all activities taking place, earn more high profits. Detailed instructions for each customer, invest in new areas to bring in higher income.

Idle Railway Tycoon is an option if you love to manage and operate like a boss. With simple gameplay and high entertainment, you will not be disappointed. Set up a plan to develop for the station, get a stable income. Download Idle Railway Tycoon mod to manage the station, develop all services for customers.

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