Idle Planet Miner MOD APK v1.21.3 (No cost upgrade)

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NameIdle Planet Miner
PublisherTech Tree Games
MOD FeaturesNo cost upgrade
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Some upgrade costs to 0

Idle Planet Miner becomes a space operator for your creation. On a planet with stars, meteors are active according to the mechanism that you formed. Empire is built right in the vast universe, stretching galaxy for you to unleash your creativity. As the head of a company specializing in releasing strange planets, you also need help. You earn money to serve production, pay employees, and become rich. To get the space and the engine running correctly, you need to make an effort. Make the right strategies and steps so that everything can go smoothly.

Idle Planet Miner apk

Download Idle Planet Miner mod – Develop your planet

The operation will be very troublesome for a person who does not know the stars. But once you understand the logic, you will operate smoothly, even more than you can imagine. There will be many disputes and planets colliding, creating explosions. You are the controller; work it according to the strict system if you do not want to be destroyed. Other strengths are also conspiring to threaten your universe. They come and go in different directions, sometimes directly facing each other. Earth will also be affected by your planet; any combination or interference affects the world.

Idle Planet Miner apk free

The planet is considered your child; nurturing them to develop is your duty. They can grow larger and have extraordinary strength with regular maintenance. It is like a machine that needs to be repaired and upgraded. When it doesn’t work, take it into the test room to see how well it works. Each planet will contain its power, and the operating capacity is also different. Which world you choose is also essential; you can’t select randomly. Your star empire will shine the brightest in the sky, mapping out their locations. Use the support features to connect the constellations for the strongest.

Idle Planet Miner android

Exploiting manufacturing resources

My other planets to increase strength and space to store ore. This material will help the worlds become more stable and improve its combat ability. Ores are essential for you to create valuable items for production. It would be a waste to heat the ore or melt it in other ways. Your main task is to create a company dedicated to mining the planet; take advantage of this opportunity to create a quality workforce. Make money and pay them to make things go more smoothly. You can earn coins or ores to become rich when you have free time, occupying many valuable gifts.

Idle Planet Miner mod apk

Super-class planet upgrade

A vast empire with countless stars is about to be created by you. Every working day you will modify it in many different ways as long as it is perfect. The workload is quite a lot, and if you weigh it alone, it will be hard. So hire a manager who specializes in planetary test results. Ensure the level of work is complete; the output must meet the standard to work together for a long time. You upgrade the planet itself or mine aircraft and bring it high profit. Grow in both quantity and quality so that your company lasts the longest.

Idle Planet Miner mod

Win great prizes

Idle Planet Miner operates thanks to mining trains, up to 5 ships simultaneously on duty. Your projects must also be set up and adjusted for each day. There are many changes on the same planet, and every day is a new challenge. When completing the mission, you will be set on how to collect the prizes. The more strengths you show in the job, the more loot you own. Develop your strategy regularly, innovating according to the constellations. Compete with other competitors to gain a foothold for your company. Rewards help you renovate and upgrade your weapon ships, and your empire goes into a stable stream of activity.

Idle Planet Miner is famous for its idleness, but it also hacks the player’s brain. You also have to develop a strategy to maintain the company and nurture the employees. Each player will have different ways of exploring and creative freedom. Miner will also be minimalist, so you can quickly understand the game’s rules. Open up a private territory, create colorful planets and nurture them. Bring them to the battlefield if possible, integrating quality items for the course of the mission. Create your terrain and empire so that the planets have the conditions to develop in a breakthrough way. Download Idle Planet Miner mod, increase the number of constellations, and give them a chance to exist on earth forever.

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