Idle Pirates MOD APK 1.20 (Unlimited money, Crystal, Chest Keys)

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NameIdle Pirates APK
PublisherWazzapps global limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, Crystal, Chest Keys
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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You must have fought many battles on land, from deserts and jungles to swamps. So let’s try to change to another terrain this time. A journey of discovery on the ocean will open up tons of new fun. If you like this theme, please download Idle Pirates provided by Wazzapps global limited. The story of the pirates narrows down the ocean world in Idle Pirates. They are like a mysterious category in the vast ocean. Many people have overcome the big waves but are still shy and afraid to face pirates. Whether in this Idle Pirates game, are all pirates barbaric or not? Let’s try to find the answer.

Idle Pirates mod

Download Idle Pirates mod – Join the pirate adventure

Each land has its way of governing. At Idle Pirates, you will set off on an adventure the way the seas and islands are ruled. The journeys take place on the ship’s deck, and the destination is a wealthy island. Pirate ships always have their markings; you must have seen them many times. It was a black flag with a skull in the center. Every time it goes to the sea, it is simultaneously a sail stretched with the sea breeze. Other ships can sometimes see the prestige radiating from the pirate ship from a distance. Although only made of wood, the boat of Idle Pirates is also perfect. It has a spacious compartment to store food and treasure for each trip.

Not only that, but the boat also has a variety of weapons installed to be ready for naval battles. Collecting treasure is not easy, so the pirates must put in a lot of effort. The loot collected in the resource to build your base and island empire. Use them to make many solid houses or huts. Amid a stormy ocean, a warm shelter is essential. In addition, it is possible to open a few pubs for the pirates to relieve stress and get together. Also, don’t forget to assemble bridges from the boat to the island without wading quickly. Add them a few lampposts to light up at night, and even better.

Idle Pirates android

Assemble a brave crew

So that life on the big island is not dull, find yourself, pirate partners. They have many talents and not a tiny reputation. The higher the level, the more pirates you unlock. Everyone has their name with different features and prices. They will help you lead the pirate ship to participate in tough battles. Not only sound on the battlefield, but pirates of Idle Pirates are also good in the marketplace. Each robber is the owner of a small business such as a shipyard, a tavern, a factory, a mineral mine, etc. They help you manage the economy very well. As a result, your wealth can multiply exponentially in not too long a time. Pirates love gold.

Idle Pirates apk

Fight with other pirates

Thanks to the companion pirates, the player’s economic development is excellent. You become the lord of a prosperous island in the middle of the ocean. But that glittering wealth made many people notice and plot to take it away. To be precise, it’s a pirate’s robbery. They are not afraid to plunder your island. So have your weapons ready. All bullets need to be loaded to shoot down enemies. Members on the train will support you effectively. Players must prove who holds the position of the hegemony of the ocean. The fertile businesses you build are not for them to take away and benefit like that.

Idle Pirates mod apk

Expand your power

Being assertive is not enough; you must grow up in all aspects. First, let’s expand the pirate’s power. Lead your army and go up. There is a saying in the pirate world that people are part of the ship. Therefore, upgrade your crew to make your ship stronger day by day. At first, they may be just sailors but will develop into captains in the future. They make your name known throughout the Mediterranean. A vast expanse of the territorial sea is in your control. Moreover, upgrading sailors is also how they help players increase profits. Soon, you will be a wealthy pirate boss with countless pirates under his command.

Idle Pirates is a simple pirate game suitable for both children and adults. Challenges in the ocean are interesting when fighting, doing business, and getting rich. You will experience the feeling of a decadent emperor of a prosperous island. The sneaky enemy won’t get past your warrior team. The graphics of Idle Pirates are not too sophisticated, but the colors are eye-catching and fun. Download Idle Pirates mod and try your hand at being a Mediterranean pirate tycoon.

Download Idle Pirates MOD APK (Unlimited money, Crystal, Chest Keys) for Android

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