Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK v47 (Menu/High damage/ Max attack range)

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NameIdle Monster TD Evolved
PublisherSwell Games LLC
MOD FeaturesMenu/High damage/ Max attack range
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

Always Crit

Activate on Loading Screen or lvl up a tower to activate your choosen Features

Idle Monster TD Evolved enters the world of monster evolution, a whole squad fighting to protect humans. The epic monsters, this time, have a cute and colorful style. Players try to stop the enemy’s invasion plots and fight with all their might. The villains are increasingly destroying your base and want to have a place in society. But that was impossible; humans and monsters couldn’t live together. It would help if you acted immediately so that this dire situation does not continue for much longer. Instead, use high-damage attacks to attack opponents.

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Download Idle Monster TD Evolved mod – Defeat waves of fearsome monsters

The most crucial thing in Idle Monster TD Evolved is upgrading and unlocking many maps. You can only sweep every corner, not giving monsters a chance to survive. Besides, the player must also carry out the extraordinary task of collecting information. Bring the searchable data to detect the monster attack early, and stop everything before it goes to parole swarm of invaders is trying to take over humans and push them away from the earth. Your portal is significant, so you must protect it carefully and upgrade it quickly to support the custody process. Such maintenance will bring many victories, and many secrets will also be revealed.

You must rank up for yourself and keep going for a long time with the game. Go through many roads on the map to see the scale of Idle Monster TD Evolved. With the spell “Rain of fire,” you will get lost in the world of monsters, focus and act without regret. Everything is sketched most realistically, creating a more enjoyable feeling for the player. Your outings are often more or less turbulent, always busy. But it is this that helps you gain a lot of experience and come up with a reasonable strategy for each level. Play a lot to feel, and discover many new creatures for the following days.

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Monster tower experience

More than 40 monster towers have 120 categories, each with unique characteristics. During the battles, you will start with the job of protecting yourself and gathering information. What you seek will turn the tide, and the truth about monsters will also be revealed. The battle speed is getting faster and faster, and you must catch up with the waves and destroy many people. How will you face the waves of fierce monsters? Will you devise the right tactics and skills to beat the opponent in many different directions? The opportunity to upgrade the squad will approach you, showing after each battle. Unlock a lot to evolve monsters and three upgrades to improve strength.

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Explore every space on the map

Each map will require its strategy because they are arranged in different types of matrices. Play through the map five times and experience the many levels that follow with various resources. The trophies you get from on the map will create outstanding power when you combine them. All the elements and plans you come up with will cover every monster’s plot, determining your success. The cold can’t weaken your spirit when challenged on grass or frozen ground. Players will also experience the vast grasslands and hot and arid deserts. Every terrain has its battlefield, carefully observed to conquer.

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Monster upgrade

To level up monsters, you must use many resources and challenge them withony levels. To improve their strength, you need to reach a certain condition level. There are tons of quests every day for you to evolve your abilities and fight non-stop. Modern magic or technology upgrades will help you to be easier to rank up. Crafts are also best for players to challenge themselves with newer versions. Renovate more effectively with your peers and colleagues competing with you. Choose and tap into a battle between monsters and humans, creating epic skirmishes.

Idle Monster TD Evolved takes you through many innovative spaces and experiences many challenges together. At times defeating enemies, especially historical bosses, will make you proud. Daily achievements will also be recorded and ranked on a leaderboard for players to adjust the pace of play. Information gathering times require your intellect and, speculation, situational assessment. Fight hard with the long journey through many maps. Download Idle Monster TD Evolved mod to set records on leaderboards and level up monsters.

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