Idle Mastermind MOD APK 1.29 (Currency/Unlocked)

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NameIdle Mastermind APK
PublisherGrumpy Rhino Games
MOD FeaturesCurrency/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Idle Mastermind became the villain and brought the apocalypse to humanity. That is the difference of the game this time, not playing the hero, but on the contrary, fighting them. You find ways to stop the warrior’s advance and evil plots to satisfy ambition. There are days when you live cruelly, but it’s also a novelty; try it out. You carry dark plans and find tricks to counter the enemy. There is no peace, and there must be war. Perform evil and macabre tactics, and challenge others to take to the next level.

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Download Idle Mastermind mod – Play evil to make the earth explode

Some players will not be used to when they are performing an evil role in the game. But that’s what Idle Mastermind wants to bring to you. No longer the familiar gameplay, that innovation has made a surprise in each match. You don’t have to think about how to fight the villains while you are harming the lives of humanity. Instead, you must master the game this time, bringing many masterpieces to make people admire. Acquire other evil minions to work together to make evil plans to destroy the world. Then, create a criminal empire to participate in wars and dominate the world.

You belong to the gangster boss, bringing dirty things and making others suffer. Your property is vast, and you are not afraid of any challenge here. You confidently get troops to fight the enemy, performing many heartless judgments for people. You are waiting for an outstanding hero to come to fight with you and have the opportunity to show strength. You are also upgrading yourself, restoring your power after tough matches. Raid the strange city, go to every corner to invade according to the plan. Players always want a strong standing position in this cruel world, strong and fierce in every thought.

Idle Mastermind mod apk

Acting as a villain

You are the manager of a large territory, dividing the army so no one can invade. Wicked strategies are applied from the beginning to the end. Resource management also needs to be mysterious, do not let the enemy steal from you. Those are all precious things that cannot be lost; they are protected at all costs. It is the circumstances that have pushed you to take on such a villainous, cruel role to be able to stay in this world. Expand new research while spreading to new lands, dominating everywhere. The strategies are different, and each person’s management style is different. Shown in many roles, bringing villain teammates to the top.

Idle Mastermind mod

Build a new empire

Idle Mastermind allows players to build bases in all areas. Your mission is to unlock levels and experiences across multiple spaces successfully. Up to 30 new lair flexploring, building, and finding and find resources here. Each floor contains quality loot; use them to have a strong base. Go through each level to feel the grandeur of each new house creation. Your empire is expanding to the outside, containing many rich resources. Owning such a vast empire requires a lot of effort and cunning tactics to collect expensive trophies.

Idle Mastermind apk

Hire a team of evil minions

With more than 20 types of minions to choose from, Idle Mastermind focuses on the characters that appear. You can collect those minions by defeating enemies or upgrading yourself. They take on a variety of forms and, at the same time, possess special powers. They can guard when you are away from home, supporting the main army to participate in combat. By all means, you have to collect that many minions, bring them back, and train professionally. At different stages, they also ecstasy, not only possessing cunning, but they are just as evil as you. To deal with more vital forces, such subordinates are worthy.

Idle Mastermind is the opposite of bringing good to the world it is trying to destroy. You are ruling the world, doing what you like in this city. Other formidable enemies are also fighting with you non-stop, don’t let them be weak. Improving building skills daily, each time expanding the empire ensures the target. With a variety of maps as well as different types of terrain, players are free to create and improve. Bringing many fierce battles but still preserving your life. Download Idle Mastermind becomes the bad guy in this world, do the apocalypse.

Download Idle Mastermind MOD APK (Currency/Unlocked) for Android

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