Idle Life Tycoon MOD APK 1.4 (Menu/Unlimited money)

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NameIdle Life Tycoon APK
PublisherMount Gaming Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Idle Life Tycoon allows you to become a talented horse rider, controlling the running speed as initial success. The player owns a brilliant and cute horse. It is a long-term companion, being with and caring for it wholeheartedly. The moments together give you many memories and also create a reputation. The running race of the horses with the ultimate endurance, plus the excellent control of the player. Each person has a different level; the starting point is not the same, so the heroes have separate development directions. You also participate enthusiastically in horse racing; which title is worthy of you?

Idle Life Tycoon apk free

Download Idle Life Tycoon mod – New horse racing experience

An excellent simulation for those passionate about speed, not racing cars but racing horses: horses have long been known for accompanying humans on long journeys. It even appeared in ancient wars, rolling too much in the field. Idle Life Tycoon will also be controlled to participate in large and minor tournaments. In this arena, spectators sit on the stands, covering the entire space to watch the race. The cheers excite you, and strong hands with your horse make it run faster. Every moment feels like things are rushing, so you must act now with your horse.

Idle Life Tycoon

Opponents came from many parts of the world; quick challenges were conducted. Idle Life Tycoon organizes these tournaments to honor the strength of the horses. You are turning the intentions and goals of this game into reality. The heroes also compete little by little, rather than letting themselves lose in front of the opponent. When you finish first, perhaps the title of the brightest star in the horse racing field belongs to you. All admiring eyes are on you, cheering like a celebrity. Then later, you develop your passion for horse racing to new heights, standing shoulder to shoulder with the great competitors in the world.

Idle Life Tycoon mod apk

Explore on multiple maps

Players have chosen many maps to challenge themselves and their horse. In each place, you will show different skills. Most of the terrains that Idle Life Tycoon brings are designed in a circular shape. But the space of the path is also narrow; the horses will go in rows. It is a disadvantage when you stand too far away; there is no space to go up. But with its trick, everything is possible within a single note. The winding road does not make you lose that but also shows your level forever. Unlock many arenas to experience all the new things and challenge yourself.

Idle Life Tycoon mod

Improve the horse’s endurance

The horses you choose are worthy of their strength. They have tall, healthy bodies and are expected to deliver many perfect performances. To have those bright things, you must regularly upgrade them. First of all, they must be healthy; they need to have long endurance to run long distances. Next is appearance; the neat appearance also makes it more confident. Finally, and most of all, it’s the skill you pass on to it. The other horses in the collection also need to be enlightened, accumulating eligibility to own them. Appreciate the horse’s effort; take care of and improve it every day.

Idle Life Tycoon apk

Double the speed

The horse’s running speed will have a marked change according to each rank. In the early stages, you give the horse a gentle run, but then there is a speed race. Players need to tap the screen, and the horses start moving. You must use shortcuts on the net to get the desired running speed. Idle Life Tycoon also allows players to conquer resources to change horses’ running capacity. Each time you successfully jump over an obstacle, you have scored a big score. Get your horse to the finish line as fast as possible to reach the high-ranking position. Customizing the running speed to suit the situation is perfect.

Idle Life Tycoon enjoys the moments of riding horses on the field. The audience becomes an excellent motivation for you to overcome all opponents in front of you. Go faster in each race, every step up, you have to show new skills to your horse god. Continuously promote superior skills and control the standard speed for each competition. Actively challenge other opponents to compete for first place. Search for more resources to increase your ability to upgrade and progress more in successive stages. Download Idle Life Tycoon mod, an exciting horse racing challenge on the field.

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