Idle Island Tycoon: Survival MOD APK 2.8.1 (Unlimited money, materials)

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NameIdle Island Tycoon: Survival APK
PublisherAtalana Games SL
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, materials
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The environment is in a state of extreme alarm. Climate change, in general, and global warming, is no longer just a threat or a forecast. These negative changes have appeared. As a reminder for global citizens, Idle Island Tycoon: Survival was born. The game uses the context of the world’s end caused by climate change. All civilizations and humanity have been wiped out. The historic and terrifying flood engulfed everything. Only a few people survived, including you. Now, those who are still alive can only find the deserted island and start a new life. Build your life with Idle Island Tycoon: Survival.

Idle Island Tycoon Survival mod

Download Idle Island Tycoon: Survival mod – Cross the ocean to survive

When the surroundings were submerged by water, boating was the only way to move. Your destination is the tall islands that still rise out of the water. We cannot regret forever the disaster that happened. It would help if you started a new life on a deserted island with other companions. Idle Island Tycoon: Survival is a survival game, so you must find ways to improve your life here. First, build a solid shelter from materials you can find on the island. It will help you avoid rain and sun and wild animals. At Idle Island Tycoon: Survival, there are three types of buildings. These include a pantry, storage facilities, and other notable buildings.

Idle Island Tycoon Survival apk

For the survivors to live in harmony, you need to assign tasks appropriately. Everyone needs to contribute their strength to build a new life in the middle of the sea. You will be the manager on the island. So decide who is in charge of what and assign them to a suitable workplace. Your choices will affect whether to produce more food or produce more ingredients. This will make different changes to the island. The resource collection mechanism of Idle Island Tycoon: Survival is not much different from other idle games. However, this is a survival game, so you still need to complete basic tasks to level up.

Idle Island Tycoon Survival mod apk

Search for food by yourself

Food is an essential element in sustaining human life. Your island may contain a wide variety of available foods. So let’s assign survivors to harvest food. The more workers, the greater the amount of food collected. That food to serve your needs and all the survivors on the island. Each person’s condition is different, and the level of work is also different. Therefore, Idle Island Tycoon: Survival is divided into three groups: full, regular, and hungry. Please distribute enough food, not redundant, so everyone has enough energy to work. Different foods can provide different amounts of nutrients.

Idle Island Tycoon Survival android

Build and develop the island

Once attached to a place, we always want to build and upgrade them. In Idle Island Tycoon: Survival, too, you can help the island become more civilized and modern. This game allows you to improve buildings with three different options. These include improvements in the quality of resources, tools used, and the number of liveable populations. In addition, players can meet wandering merchants. They have special island enhancement packs that you can redeem. In addition, players need to find survivors with unique talents. Finally, they can research to save people or build new development directions for the island.

Idle Island Tycoon Survival apk free

Discover new islands

Regardless of the era, man’s thirst for discovery has never cooled down. As you build your island to become more civilized, you will have the ambition to create many similar islands. Keep sailing and discover new islands in the middle of the ocean. During the journey, players can find many treasures that the sea bestows. Surely they will be helpful for your survival game. In particular, Idle Island Tycoon: Survival allows players to collect resources without an internet connection. In addition, you can also double the time to get more help. Idle but do not be lazy; quickly turn the island into prosperity.

Idle Island Tycoon: Survival is a simulation game with an ironic situation that no one wants. However, the manufacturer also wants to convey the message of the will to live no matter where we are. No matter how difficult the situation is, we will still survive as long as we try. Join hands with those around you to create a better life. Download Idle Island Tycoon: Survival mod and stay on the island with survivors.

Download Idle Island Tycoon: Survival MOD APK (Unlimited money, materials) for Android

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