Idle Fishing Story MOD APK 2.0.45 (Unlocked custume)

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NameIdle Fishing Story APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked custume
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Gamers have a strong passion for fishing in the lake and sea. Capturing that mentality, the fishing simulation game Idle Fishing Story was born. Satisfy your love for fishing and trading seafood in the market. The novelty, with many exceptional features, will attract players. Search for products and tributaries on the fishing fronts. Aim to catch the most significant and strangest fish in the seafood market to reap the most significant profits possible. Go fishing for the fish that swim inside the fast-spawning nocturnal beaches. Go everywhere for you to explore the vast seas inhabited by big fish. Catch, trade and sell, conquer every fish and profit in this game.

Idle Fishing Story mod apk free

Download Idle Fishing Story mod – Catching seafood

They are waiting for the most beautiful things from many different types of fishing. A game like Idle Fishing Story can also bring game players to experience. Learn unique ways of catching fish created by players. Search and tinker with as many novel methods as possible in this game. Many missions and milestones are set out for the game players to conquer—the desire to fish for profit and go everywhere. A wide-open world for players to freely experience, unlock and find all the unique new functions inside the simulated boat.

Idle Fishing Story mod android

Seize the opportunities that the land is welcoming for game players to join to be able to fish the most expensive and highest-value fish on the market. New things from large-scale fishing by players. The game has beautiful cute pictures and extremely thrilling sounds. Interact with the actions and stages of this game for the most realistic feel. The game players will be immersed in the game’s fishing space. Idle Fishing Story always has something new through fishing for players of this fishing simulation game.

Go fishing

Find and expand all the properties with endless resources in this simulation game. Acquire fishing boats to serve on fishing trips. They were fishing through every place and every resource in this game’s system. Idle Fishing Story will have a lot of valuable unique seafood dishes that players can earn. The player will always have to look for and catch seafood from there. Around those catches, players will always have inspiration. Live on the most extensive beaches in the game and then fish. See the opportunities that the game will open to players of this game. From there, find and catch the most extensive fishing grounds and make a profit.

Idle Fishing Story mod android free

The boat and the crew

Own a lot of boats to go fishing in the game Idle Fishing Story. Players expand their influence in this fishing simulation game by catching and making the most profit possible by having countless boats go fishing for themselves. Then hire many crew members for the boat owner who plays the game. The game players can bring unique crew members with the boat, and each type of crew member will have a practical use and function for the players. The individual crew members featured in this Idle Fishing Story game include Raymond, O Mally, Russell, Hannah, Seaman, Kirkland, Dory, and Elise, for players to freely experience and explore.

Idle Fishing Story mod

Make a profit

The ships will continuously bring the loot back to the game players. Game players get large batches of caught seafood to sell. Bring to the market to trade seafood for sale to make a profit. The higher the profit amount, the higher the success rating in this game. From there, the game players will become real traders and enrich themselves by selling the fish.

Idle Fishing Story mod apk

You are constantly exploring and unlocking new endless resources. Vast catches of fish are waiting for the game players to come and catch. Idle Fishing Story will have a lot of new things through new ways to play and experience. You are a captain, and you are also a wealthy merchant. Do everything you can in this simulation game to have the biggest catch. Download Idle Fishing Story mod to become a captain and also a merchant who goes to catch big fish.

Download Idle Fishing Story MOD APK (Unlocked custume) for Android

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