Idle Dragon MOD APK 1.3.0 (Free upgrades)

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NameIdle Dragon APK
PublisherVGames Studios
MOD FeaturesFree upgrades
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Free Upgrades (Dragons excluded)

Continuously combine different dragons to create new dragon species. Idle Dragon gives players entertainment and relaxation with simple gameplay. However, creating attraction and curiosity to know what will appear next. Idle Dragon is not a game for calculating and thinking complicated strategies, not even a game that brings intense battles. Just a large area for you to hatch mysterious dragon eggs. Then witness them hatch and give birth to unique and cute dragons. Each egg is a big surprise for players. Even more unique is the ability to transform continuously.

Idle Dragon mod

Download Idle Dragon mod – Become a real dragon collector

Nature has given you the first eggs to give you the task of hatching them. Each egg can be seen with a distinct pattern and color. That’s what makes the cute dragons you’ll see after a short while. The most crucial task players must perform in Idle Dragon is repeatedly tapping the screen. Each press provides an amount and accumulates more and more. So what will we use this money for? That is buying new dragon eggs. Also, upgrade essential systems so that you can unlock dragons faster. Even incubating multiple dragon eggs in the same amount of time.

The mechanism of Idle Dragon is simply tapping and tapping the screen continuously without stopping. That’s the primary way to earn coins to unlock and upgrade new dragon eggs. Each dragon born will be raised and live in the same area. So when you’ve been playing for a while. The scene of the game will be a lot of unique dragons walking and operating in the forest – smartphone screen. Unlocking more skills and dragon eggs will stimulate players to want to own more new types of dragons. Not only that but new content will be updated continuously. Provided that the player must achieve particular dragon and environmental milestones.

Idle Dragon mod apk

Hundreds of unique dragon species

The thing for players to aim for and spend time with Idle Dragon is the dragons they create during the game. As said, you will be given a few eggs at the beginning of the game. Each player will be given random eggs, like no other. As a result, the thrill and excitement are also significantly increased. Each egg has its distinctive pattern and color. Sometimes it is possible to add details that show the essential characteristics of that particular dragon. For example, eggs have horns, grow wings, or emit unique elements. When the egg has hatched into a dragon, it will also have stages to grow and mature with an impressive appearance.

Idle Dragon mod apk free

Important complementary mechanism

There are four main mechanisms to assist players in developing and adding Idle Dragon’s dragon eggs. First, Rainbow doubles the amount of gold received each time you tap the screen. Second, I will soon have enough money to buy new dragon eggs. Dragon Delivery reduces the time it takes for dragon eggs to hatch. The more you upgrade, the faster the dragon eggs will hatch, and you have more space to add new eggs. Tractor helps players collect large amounts of money that appear on the screen when they don’t have time. Finally, there is Crate Quality, which gives players a chance to get rare dragon eggs. It all depends on your luck.

Idle Dragon mod free

Make achievements continuously

With such additional tools and mechanisms, players can rest assured of owning a lot of dragons when playing in a short period. And Idle Dragon also added a unique system to reward players for their efforts. Those are missions with an increasing scale with handsome rewards. The content of the task is straightforward to understand. Just own a certain number of dragons, the number of dragon eggs you have purchased, the number of times you tap the screen to increase your money… Milestones will be increased gradually with the time you play the game. The reward will be considered money or even a few rare dragon eggs to encourage players to try harder.

Idle Dragon free

A game that offers simple relaxation without stressing the player. You can play with only one hand and still collect many dragons. Suitable for relaxing time between work and study. Go right into Idle Dragon to check how many dragons we have. Realize the dream of a true dragon collector. Feel the variety of designs and impressive looks of dragons in Idle Dragon mod.

Download Idle Dragon MOD APK (Free upgrades) for Android

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