Idle Army Base MOD APK v2.2.0 (Free upgrade, purchase)

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NameIdle Army Base
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MOD FeaturesFree upgrade, purchase
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Idle Army Base mod is a game built from a military theme. This is a specific area that any country is interested in. The importance of this system is undisputed. But to talk about in-depth knowledge about how it works and the role of each part, not everyone is clear. Idle Army Base will be an opportunity for players to gain valuable military knowledge. Participating in this idle game, you will have to solve many related problems so that the army system develops constantly. The game is a new and beneficial experience in life, with realistic simulation capabilities plus ideas taken from life itself. Idle Army Base has become the top game on search engines.

Idle Army Base mod android

Download Idle Army Base mod – Army tycoon

In Idle Army Base, you are not directly involved in complex military operations. The position of the player will be a commander. You will be the manager and operator of functions related to a military unit brought into Idle Army Base. For those who have never been exposed to these activities, this is not a small challenge. As a leader, the decisions you make are of strategic importance. It is necessary to carefully consider the factors to achieve the highest efficiency. Learn how to be a wise decision-maker.

Idle Army Base mod apk

With Idle Army Base, a disciplined and orderly military environment will progress. The leader’s vision is the first factor that helps this system develop. Idle Army Base is an exciting choice for those looking forward to exploring the military environment. The game has been out for a specific time, but this is still a hit game. A lot of things need your mind to solve. The development path of the military unit in Idle Army Base is wholly based on the player’s ability to steer. Understanding your role and constantly improving your management skills will help you get the results you deserve.

Idle Army Base mod

Recruiting rookies

Soldiers are the binding force in every military unit. Their number and role are no less than that of the commander. To create a strong and quality unit, the team of soldiers must also achieve certain requirements. Take care of both the old army and constantly recruit recruits. Professional and professional training courses will improve the quality of soldiers. This is considered a vital task in the army. As a leader, you will have to develop specific and practical plans. These activities will constantly improve the number and skills of the unit you are managing.

Idle Army Base mod free

Increased automation

Increased automation will bring outstanding results. It’s not just about saving time and staffing. Public automation affirms the financial power and seizes the time of the manager. With Idle Army Base areas such as bus stops, entrances are where automation is needed. These areas often take a lot of time and workforce. Mainly for the shuttle, control, and check-in for recruits. When automation is introduced, players won’t have to worry about overloading. No matter how large the workload is, you can complete it smoothly.

Unlock new areas

New areas are completely unlockable for players. The fact that you can complete the goals and tasks is the basis for getting the universal key. Each area unlocked will expand the development possibilities of the entire unit. You will have wide-open spaces to conduct training activities. Or you can take advantage of it to build essential works. Significantly when the number of troops in the barracks was increasing day by day. Idle Army Base has invested in the map system. Each area has a different landscape and design. Players always find novelty in each region.

Idle Army Base mod download

Become rich

In Idle Army Base, you can mine your army to earn money. The soldiers completing the assigned tasks will help players receive specific amounts of money. This amount is increasing day by day as these tasks are complex. Soon you can become a wealthy tycoon. However, this is not the main content in the game. But it still receives special attention. Download Idle Army Base mod to become a talented military manager and enrich yourself with the human resources in hand.

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