Idle Air Force Base MOD APK 3.3.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameIdle Air Force Base APK
PublisherNeon Play
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation

Unconditionally use gold coins and spoons to buy props in the “Props” cart

Idle Air Force Base takes on the challenge with military aircraft, building a whole system of strategic aircraft to counter the opponent. This military-related game makes you attractive; the feeling of actual war is going on. The player alone drives the flying ships to their destination, stopping and fighting enemies right in the sky. The staff below also single-handedly manage and adjust tactics for them. The gameplay requires a lot of execution through many stages, step by step, to create military aircraft. Only the talented air force can break the set goals and complete the mission. Fight intensely, and conquer the city in the shortest time.

Idle Air Force Base apk

Download Idle Air Force Base mod – Build military aircraft system

Players create many areas to serve the ultimate battle. The flight path, the resort for the soldiers, and the control area for the ship. You must build things solid and follow the proper process to ensure everything goes as planned. Airports are a transit point between manufacturing and maintenance, and investment has to be made in both. Even the planes will be standard class; buy them with your money. Constantly change planes to be flexible in many battles while giving time for other planes to rest. The aircraft system needs to be built quickly, or your city will soon be invaded.

Idle Air Force Base android

Build an airbase for the production personnel, the leader to control, and all must be solid. Enemy troops can bomb you any time; don’t let that happen. The battles in the sky are fierce, and the planes carry the mission. Choose the best types for long-term combat, and change the engine if necessary. Everything must be carefully prepared, worthy of the whole world. Battles will bring a lot of loss, which is inevitable but still salvageable. As long as the operator firmly controls the steering wheel and has a clear strategy, the aircraft will fly up and return safely.

Idle Air Force Base mod apk

Pilot recruitment

The planes in your collection at Idle Air Force Base require a pilot to take control. Recruit personnel carefully in terms of both skills and experience they have. Once the selection is complete, you must train your students correctly. Flying an airplane is not as simple as driving a motorbike; it requires technical knowledge. You will be the personnel trainer, making your squad the most potent force. An instructor like you will also be honored as a person with extraordinary merit in battles if the training is successful. The party that ensures both physicality, health, and tactics can win.

Idle Air Force Base apk free

Strategic aircraft upgrade

You must build an airport, combat troops, and upgrade your plane. Unlock a variety of genres to expand your chances of fighting enemies. Collect specialized missiles and aircraft carrying giant bullets and have great destructive power. The air war always has a different way of acting, and you need to firmly grasp the position of your team’s aircraft to fight. Regularly upgrade the steering system, the cannon loading area, and many other essential components. There will always be a team of staff to take care of and check the aircraft before take-off and on successful landing. They assist you in flight management and arrange all modern equipment for the plane.

Idle Air Force Base

Mission accomplished

The player’s mission in Idle Air Force Base is to fight in the air. The fights were highly intense, like bombs exploding in the sky. The destruction of both sides was fierce, and neither side was willing to give in to the other. You fight, occupy the city, and expand the territory. The territories in the world are endless, so owning them as much as possible is beneficial. The mission has been set out before, forming a strategy and implementing it. Conquering new countries is also part of your plan to invade. As a leader, it is necessary to understand the opponent’s strengths and make appropriate policies to destroy. Winning after each match will receive a worthy trophy.

Idle Air Force Base begins military action in the air, setting multiple invasion targets. There must be war, so you have no choice but to try. Bring high-powered planes to battle with precise control under the circumstances. Increasingly expanding its airport system to the enemy’s admiration. Launch the jets, and supply artillery shells continuously in the battle. Complete personnel training and select talented pilots for each aircraft. Download Idle Air Force Base mod to challenge air combat with military aircraft forces.

Download Idle Air Force Base MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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