Hyper Dungeon MOD APK 0.38 (Rune Power)

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NameHyper Dungeon APK
MOD FeaturesRune Power
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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MOD Infomation

Only ARM64
1. Runes add 255% effect

Hyper Dungeon conducts battles with monsters, discovering many unique features. Players will fight alone with countless monsters from many sides. You have to perform great performances in the vast space of the arena. With the ultimate fighting ability from the opponent, you should also take certain precautions. You can collect skills to improve your playability at higher levels. You succeed and do everything to survive as long as you kill the most target. A sophisticated strategy needs to be executed in the right place to avoid losing. The continuous battle to win a specific position in this game.

Hyper Dungeon mod apk

Download Hyper Dungeon mod – Fight fiercely with monsters

Usually, the monsters in the Hyper Dungeon are numerous and have an inevitable overwhelming dominance. They gather information to try to attack the player, surrounding every nook and cranny. Because of that, you need to improve your strength after just the first play. Many challenges come to you in a row, and there is no time to rest or delay. Every decision you make affects your destiny, so do not act haphazardly. In every game, you need to launch the correct strategy; otherwise, it is easy to be defeated by the opponent. The explosion of each match is different so each challenge will bring a new experience.

Hyper Dungeon always creates variety in the game and the character’s style. Monsters possessing a petite body but with extraordinary strength participate in large numbers. Players cannot forever dodge but must counterattack fiercely if they do not want to lose their position. It is straightforward to control your warriors; knowing how to combine strength, everything will go as you wish. Through the harsh battles, you will know where your position is and what needs to be improved. Anything new should be collected and used to a new level. Making a difference to the enemy is a massive success in your upgrade.

Hyper Dungeon apk free

Strategy development

Hyper Dungeon gives players a period to gather strength before going into battle. This is the time for you to show your intelligence and fighting skills. Thanks to weapons and superpowers, magical combinations will help you perform excellently. Opponents will constantly appear, so you need a lot of new energy and powerful transformation in time. Successfully unlocking supporting points, building your matrix. Everyone’s way of fighting is different; finding your strengths is a great success. Play strategically to quickly bring down your opponents, testing the player’s strength.

Hyper Dungeon apk

Weapon unlocks

In the system of Hyper Dungeon, there is a map so players can arrange weapons together. It’s a special reunion for each person and a way for you to fight many different battles. Shoes, swords, hearts, lightning, and powerful energies. Those accessories will appear each time you take on the challenge; if you don’t have them, you won’t be able to pass. Each item needs money to conquer; you can own it with 600 coins or more. Try to win to get many unique weapons and explode in your way. Those abilities will be displayed on the screen based on the percentage of each item to build.

Hyper Dungeon mod

Battle across multiple dimensions

Players have countless locations to conquer with excellent battles. The space with deep colors has created a mysterious and action-packed atmosphere. You have enough equipment to go to war, so confidently show your strength in every arena in Hyper Dungeon. Enter the thickets, walls, and darkest places to conquer enemies. Monsters have a scary appearance and grow big according to the level you explore; the common point is to attack from many sides. The number of opponents participating in the battle is different, but they are incredibly crowded, and you are alone. Use special abilities, and have the most vital destructive power to destroy them.

Hyper Dungeon asserts the level of combat with monsters. Random matches according to each previously arranged game screen. You always have to keep a cool head and quick hands in challenges. When combining weapons and magical energy requires more than that. You can’t fight unarmed. Even if you have to fight alone, you must show the power you can upgrade. Continually advance and improve fighting techniques, do not give in to any opponent. Download Hyper Dungeon mod, build characters and sophisticated moves in each battle.

Download Hyper Dungeon MOD APK (Rune Power) for Android

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