Hungry Hearts Diner Neo MOD APK 1.1.5 (Menu/Unlimited money, energy)

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NameHungry Hearts Diner Neo APK
PublisherGAGEX Co.,Ltd.
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, energy
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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I don’t know if you’ve had dinner yet, but what we’re about to introduce will make you feel a little hungry. That is the game Hungry Hearts Diner Neo. This game was released by the manufacturer GAGEX very recently, in October 2022. Although it was only released briefly, Hungry Hearts Diner Neo has brought more than 100,000 downloads from Google Play. This impressive achievement is accompanied by an almost absolute number of highly rated stars. Listening to this, you probably no longer wonder about its interestingness, right? Hungry Hearts Diner Neo is for a variety of user groups. It will take you back to the nostalgic 1970s in the land of cherry blossoms – Japan.

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo mod

Download Hungry Hearts Diner Neo mod – Working at a Japanese restaurant

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo returns to the past 70s in a small alley in the land of the rising sun. There, a small eatery was located quietly on the corner of the street. Everything here looks a bit old, even if you find it outdated. But this does not make the user bored. For example, hungry Hearts Diner Neo is just accurately reimagining Showa-era Japan with its first radios. Moreover, that oldness will give you precious moments of peace. Although it is just a tiny corner, this place serves many traditional Japanese dishes. Therefore, Hungry Hearts Diner Neo opens up the culinary culture of this land.

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo apk

The owner of Hungry Hearts Diner, Neo, is a kind old lady. She is aged but has to take care of many things at this store. If you’ve played management games, you’ll understand how hard it is to do it alone. The older woman had to be busy from early morning until late night because customers loved the food there. But now you have friends. Come and be the little waitress helping the old lady at this particular diner. Although new players will be inexperienced and clumsy in the kitchen, don’t worry too much. As long as you keep yourself progressive, everything will soon be fine. The older woman will be dedicated and teach you one by one.

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo mod apk

Serve customers many delicious dishes

Possessing the nostalgia of the old times, the restaurant in Hungry Hearts Diner Neo attracts many customers. The people around would love to gather around the rustic wooden table in this place. Part of it is because the old lady restaurant creates a cozy atmosphere. But the more significant reason is the taste of the food here—meals with a “homemade” flavour like those cooked by mom. By helping the older woman, players can learn many recipes. But your country’s culinary culture is widely known for its meticulousness and sophistication. For example, a hot beef sandwich or an eye-catching sushi plate will be your first kitchen product here.

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo android

Delivery service

In Hungry Hearts Diner Neo, the old lady who owns the restaurant is old. For that reason, if a customer orders food from afar, it’s exhausting for her. Moreover, when there is no old lady at the store, customers must wait a long time. Be a store carrier. This job will help players get acquainted with new characters. Each individual has a complicated story. However, the hot bowls of miso soup you bring may make it easier for them to open up. Maybe you can find sympathy from these strangers. Even Hungry Hearts Diner Neo has prepared a few unexpected situations for this story; please look forward to it.

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo apk free

Upgrade your kitchen

Another tough job as a restaurant manager is the bills filled with numbers. The older woman was too old to be quick with these math operations. Become a potential cashier and help the restaurant’s business grow. The profits will be returned to buy food and remodel the store. Let’s make this place every diner’s dream diner in Tokyo. You can order a few new decks of chairs, for example. This allows the restaurant to receive more customers. The older woman will love you very much when she sees these positive changes. For the elderly, companionship is always something to be cherished.

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo is a simulation game to manage a Japanese restaurant. It will make your eyes with delicious food. Moreover, this place also warms your heart with the people’s affection. From the older woman to all, the residents are hot. Therefore, Hungry Hearts Diner Neo will bring the most unusual experience ever – coziness in the game world. Download Hungry Hearts Diner Neo mod and work in an old diner.

Download Hungry Hearts Diner Neo MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, energy) for Android

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