Hungry Dragon MOD APK v4.4 (Unlimited money)

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NameHungry Dragon
PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Hungry Dragon is a fun game with a hungry dragon. Fly in the sky and search for food. Hungry Dragon lets you play the role of a dragon and explore the world here. Control the dragon and recharge it to stay alive. Just find food and feed the dragon, that’s your mission. It’s simple, but can players provide enough for the dragon? With constant hunger pangs, dragons will have to carry out the hunt for food. To be able to improve physical fitness and survive.

Hungry Dragon mod

Download Hungry Dragon mod – Search for food, satisfy hunger

A lot of prey appeared and was the dragon’s delicious meal. However, players will also need to avoid dangerous objects. An unnecessary collision will end the game. Therefore, players will need to pay attention to observe and control dragons. Diverse menu with delicious prey, offering a variety of choices for dragons. Not only help the dragon find food, but you also need to ensure the dragon’s safety. Claim your strength and do not let any obstacles affect your life. Explore every place and find nutritious menu sources.

Hungry Dragon mod apk

One of the fantastic games that you should not miss. It not only offers a quest to find food but much more. Players will be started with many different experiences. Create a powerful force of dragons by collecting them. Choose the dragons you want and upgrade them, increase their strength. The dragon’s hunger will be quenched by the player himself. Let it move to places with food, quickly find a lot of delicious food. An exciting quest, accompany the dragon to solve the hunger in the fastest way.

Hungry Dragon mod free

Many species of dragons

Hungry Dragon offers quite a few dragon species for you to choose from. Up to 10 species of dragons appear with different special abilities. Players will select their favorite dragon. At the same time, after each level, upgrade the dragon to get new skills. Control the dragon to the location, find new outfits to change to the style you want. Hungry Dragon will let players meet many dragon species, find delicious food. Hungry Dragon will be the place for you to accompany and discover all-new dragon species. Efficiently perform dragon moves with the control system. Dragons have power and join the fun here.

Hungry Dragon mod android

High flying ability

The dragon can perform high flying, move in any space. Fly and eat whatever it wants. Take advantage and eat all the food, don’t let the dragon go hungry. When the dragon dies, it means the end of the game. That’s why the player needs to make sure the dragon is full. Let the dragon fly to all the places where there is prey, eat full. Help it to evolve faster, thrive. The dragon’s life will ultimately depend on the player, and it is necessary to meet the dragon’s needs. Reach everywhere, from the caves to the vast sky… Go with the dragon to all lands, accumulate many bonuses. Quickly achieve high scores after each excellent completion of the set task.

Hungry Dragon mod download

Creature diversity

The principal creatures are the food of the dragon. Here, provide many different types of creatures for players to find. Swallowing the animals living in the forest, the birds… The bigger the creatures, the longer it will make the dragon live. Players try to find and feed the dragon as much as possible. That is the only way for dragons to survive. Not only stopping there, but harmful organisms are also numerous. Players need to be selective and not let dragons eat dangerous ones. Avoid the threatening connections as well as ensure the dragon’s life. The strange appearance is a sign for you to recognize and help the dragon avoid. If eaten, the dragon will lose blood and lead to death. Let the dragon eat delicious prey and move to the safest areas. Download Hungry Dragon mod to rescue dragons from hunger with delicious food sources.

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