Hopeless MOD APK v2.5.3 (Unlocked items)

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PublisherUpopa Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked items
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Are you looking for a game that offers both challenge and humor? Hopeless is an excellent choice for you. Right from the context of the game to the gameplay has also created a particular fun. That will be felt as soon as you start playing. Enjoy every fun moment and conquer every mission. Hopeless is a great solution to entertain after stressful working hours. Overcome your fear, go to each monster to destroy. An exciting journey will occur throughout the game screen in Hopeless, waiting for you to discover.

Hopeless mod

Download Hopeless mod – Step out of the dark, fight to destroy monsters

In Hopeless, players will be playing the role of a gunner. However, the gunner has a weakness in that he is terrified of the dark. This has also created many obstacles and challenges for him to face. One day, he was trapped in the dark. Fear made him want to scream loudly for help. But unfortunately, this is the exit of the evil monsters. This will also be the task that the gunner needs to perform. That is overcoming your fear, daring to face danger. The battles since then have also occurred. You will need to destroy them all before the monsters themselves counterattack.

Hopeless mod apk

At first, if you are new to the game, you will feel that everything is straightforward. It’s just aiming and shooting, finding a way out of the darkness. But no, Hopeless has many other unexpected happenings. Monsters are constantly rushing toward you and it wants to devour you immediately. You can’t let yourself become prey for the devil, what you need to do is fight. Destroy all of them, and you will also win. Rescue teammates and create glorious achievements together.

Hopeless mod free

Work closely with allies

You alone will not be able to defeat the monsters. Because the power of the demons is very formidable, moreover they always appear in large numbers. They continuously create formidable counter-attacks, causing obstacles that your team must face. As the number of allies increased, the monsters gradually became more numerous. Close coordination with the army is a must, making perfect attack combos. Respond quickly to attacks from enemies, leaving them no chance to win. Instead, attack with teammates, and destroy all enemies that appear.

Hopeless mod android

Collect coins and upgrade guns

Hopeless will provide the corresponding bonus amount when you successfully attack the monsters. This process will also present many dangerous challenges. Smart skills and attacks will bring high results. You also have to accept defeat when facing too strong an opponent. But it is also the time for you to start over and gain new experience in combat. Use the money received to make gun upgrades. The whole process will also help you increase the rate of fire faster, creating tremendous power. Finally, kill the monsters at each location, causing them to receive a tragic end.

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New shooting gameplay

Hopeless is a shooting game that brings a lot of new experiences. The very threat of darkness also creates many strange feelings when playing. When attacked by monsters or teammates in danger, the image of panic will also be depicted realistically. Players will enjoy every moment and situation that takes place in the match. Show all tenacious attack skills to get the victory regardless of everything. Fight every monster in all kinds of challenging battles. Download Hopeless mod to fight in the dark and attack all formidable monsters.

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