Homesteads MOD APK 30000874 (Unlimited money)

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NameHomesteads APK
PublisherEnixan Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Hello, here comes a new farm game for you. Come to the peaceful and dreamy land of Homesteads. Homesteads is a product of the house Enixan Limited. This name is already too famous for farm and city games. Homesteads are their innovative 2021 launch. Coming to this 4.5-star rated game, players will not be surprised. The whole rich land now belongs to you. Explore a region through lush green fields and take charge of its development. With beautiful and vivid graphics, Homesteads appeals to preschoolers and their parents. If you are also impatient and curious, try Homesteads right away.

Homesteads mod

Download Homesteads mod – Master your peaceful town

Homesteads allow players to become the boss, the small mistress of a town. Creating the perfect place to live in the wild west is in your hands. There will be no guns and chases because the people here are hard-working and prefer a peaceful life. You can build houses, factories or other structures. That is the essential element of your residential area, whether urban or rural. It takes a job for people to stick to land for a long time. When you first come to Homesteads, you may face many surprises, but don’t worry. The friendly locals here are happy to chat at all times.

Homesteads apk

Many exciting activities are designed in the framework of this farm game. You can try your luck when going mining, for example. Who knows, there’s a treasure trove of oil under this land. There are also many seasonal events at Homesteads. During Christmas, the player can help Santa build the castle. The more stages you manage and support, the greater the rewards. Of course, these missions were limited to the allotted time. The coming new year is another exciting event season. Think about what you should do to warm up on those cold winter nights on the prairie. Along with a series of other events at Homesteads, don’t miss it.

Homesteads mod apk

Planting and harvesting agricultural products

The main occupation in that town was farming. Players will create large fields full of fruit trees and other agricultural products. Be it corn, tomatoes, cotton plants or whatever you think is useful. Besides, the farm, with the appearance of cows, chickens, sheep, goats, and horses, also helps the town become more bustling. It’s exciting to think about the day-to-day sight of pure cows being milked. Products from the farm are the source of life for the people. You can sell them or exchange them for other missing items from another farm. Even Homesteads allows players to build a savanna zoo. There will undoubtedly be a lot of new animals added.

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Decorate the town as you like

When working hard, people often feel more in love with life. Homesteads will bring you a town that is both rich and beautiful. Players can decorate this place in any way they want. In other words, unleash your dream home with Homesteads. There are no limits to creativity at Homesteads. However, players can choose to decorate according to the event. For example, on the eve of the new year, the town will become more vibrant if it is filled with flowers and sparkling pine trees. Town items, including pretty wooden houses, can be upgraded. Homesteads believe you will be responsible and do well as mayor in this peaceful town.

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Side by side with the neighbours

As I said, there are many kind people in Homesteads. They play the role of navigating the game. At the same time, you will combine with them to produce goods. People can also exchange gifts or delicious meals. Even inviting each other to hit the road for an adventure is also a good thing to do. In addition, to increase connectivity, Homesteads also allows players to interact with friends and invite them to their farm. Homestead ranchers will help each other get rich and live happily, but players should also keep an eye out for criminals in town, who can steal, rob and instil fear in the inhabitants of this place.

Homesteads are designed in the direction of a management simulation game. However, contrary to the tiresome whirlwind of money, Homesteads offers a variety of interactive experiences. You can chat more with your residents or neighbours. More than a game, this is like a new happy world for users to conquer. Download Homesteads mod and become the owner of a happy, prosperous town.

Download Homesteads MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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