Hit Master 3D MOD APK 1.7.8 (Unlimited unlocked items)

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NameHit Master 3D APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited unlocked items
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Action games are exploited with a variety of different themes and inspirations. This makes each game unique and attractive. Hit Master 3D mod is also an action game that is noticed and appreciated by many players. The game offers intense and thrilling hostage rescue missions that are no less than ordinary life. Becoming honest and brave heroes are the achievements players must complete in Hit Master 3D. A virtual playground with a lot of villain classes and challenging missions will become an excellent choice for you. Help innocent victims escape danger and control notorious criminals with your actions and skills. Don’t let your level quickly end.

Hit Master 3D mod

Download Hit Master 3D mod – Action spy master hostage rescue

In Hit Master 3D, the player’s role is a spy. Your mission is to successfully rescue the victims being held by bad guys. Accompanying the player is a knife. It will bring attack and defense power to the player. A series of different missions are brought to the player’s hands. You will play the role of the main character and begin your righteous journey. He was a tall, muscular guy with the enthusiasm of a brave, upright hero. In participating in missions, players will have to reveal and promote all their strengths to complete the assigned task. The biggest goal is the safety of the hostages.

Hit Master 3D mod apk

In Hit Master, 3D gamers deal with many different classes of bad guys. It’s not just a few people. You even have to fight an aggressive and defiant mob. To rescue the hostages, you must first protect yourself. Don’t let the enemy have a chance to detect or approach you. They will make you taste failure in no time. Therefore, the player must quickly destroy the bad guys one by one. Please take the opportunity and defeat them as soon as possible. Get the most out of the knife in your hand. Make it the killing tool of a righteous assassin. But also be careful.

Hit Master 3D mod download

Eliminate opponents that stand in the way

As mentioned, the bad guys are the opponents that stand in the way of completing the player’s mission. They are incredibly diverse and influential. The number and strength factors are issues that players need to pay attention to when it comes to this character class. Each lousy guy in Hit Master 3D has a unique shape. A trick for the player is that the characters with prominent appearances will often be stronger and more durable than the minor characters. You can rely on this to judge your opponent. From there, come up with a more effective plan of action. Each villain is equipped with a weapon. It could be a baseball bat, a wrench, or a sharp knife.

Hit Master 3D mod android

Complete all difficult missions

Countless different rescue missions were created by Hit Master 3D. They are getting more and more difficult. The more victims are arrested and the more carefully watched. It will make the player take action and take a lot more effort. Significantly high-level levels will reduce the chance of completing the goal. Players need to skillfully move and improve their knife throwing ability. This is the only way to beat the heavyweights you face. Remember that your target is the bad guys, not the hostages.

Hit Master 3D mod apk free

Many useful weapon equipments

Besides the primary weapon, the knife, you can also take advantage of valuable items. Such as oil tanks. They appear randomly on the game screen. When enemies gather around the oil tank area, take advantage of them. Instead of throwing the knife at the enemy to kill an individual, throw the knife into the oil tank. If it hits the target, it will create a massive explosion. Thanks to that, several enemies will lose their lives. Scores and bonuses achieved by players are also significantly improved.

Hit Master 3D mod free

Improve combat ability

Combat skills are an impact factor. So players can make great strides in their knife throwing skills and handling situations. You need to improve the accuracy of your throws. By practicing and gaining experience, gamers will achieve results through their efforts. Then no matter how intense the enemy is, you are ready to face it. Download Hit Master 3D mod to complete the hostage rescue mission of a top competent and professional spy.

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