Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK v1.7.12 (Unlimited coins)

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NameHide ‘N Seek!
PublisherSupersonic Studios LTD
MOD FeaturesUnlimited coins
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Runaway so that your opponent can’t catch you. Fun gameplay for you to join in Hide ‘N Seek!. There is always someone following and chasing you everywhere. You will need to run fast so as not to get caught. Make each move and run fast. That is the way to not fall into the hands of the pursuer. An iron cage will be a tool to trap you if caught by a pursuer. Try to keep yourself safe, avoid any danger. Face the opponent alone and win the victory.

Hide N Seek mod

Download Hide ‘N Seek! mod – Run away from pursuers

The player will be the character being chased, trying to run so as not to be captured by them. The gameplay is quite simple, and you will quickly get it right the first time you play. The places you go are all limited, with solid walls. Finding a way to hide behind these walls is also a way to make the finder won’t see you. This is one of the intelligent ways to keep yourself safe. The finder is always watching and observing in every direction to be able to find traces. Players will need to be quick and have strategies not to be caught by them.

Hide N Seek mod apk

A chaotic world with chases. Everyone is looking for their hiding places. Players not only participate alone but also with teammates. Just run and rescue his friend from the iron cage. The appearance of iron cages is increasing, don’t let yourself be trapped by it. Stay calm and find a way to escape as quickly as possible. Move behind walls and find temporary shelter. Hide ‘N Seek! will let players be up to the challenge. Faced with the pursuer behind, dash and keep your distance. Create your boundaries and don’t get caught, quickly save your teammates.

Hide N Seek mod free

Overcoming challenges

There are constant challenges for players to face. Each escape is also the difficulties brought. Each level of play will carry tasks and requirements. Gradually increase the level’s difficulty to make the game more dramatic, always creating obstacles for the player. You just need to slow down a step, that person will catch you right away. Try to escape with your teammates and not fall into the dangers they create. Team up to be able to overcome challenges with ease.

Rescue teammates

Your teammates are locked in an iron cage, and you need to rescue them. This is not only to help them but also a way to protect yourself. When all teammates are captured, the pursuer will focus on chasing the player. This will increase the chance that you will be arrested. Therefore, while running, find a way to open the way for teammates. At that time, your chances of winning will be easier. By all means, make sure you are safe so that you can go to higher levels.

Hide N Seek mod android

Location map

Each level will bring different moving maps. Shown through colors for players to distinguish. Depending on the location, you should have your way of running. Move intelligently, using your strategies. To be able to run away from the enemy and achieve the highest score. Hide ‘N Seek! will let you go to every location and participate in each round. Conquer and assert your ability to escape. The boundary between the player and the pursuer is also distinguished by color. Changing the structure of the map will also make the level exciting and not boring.

Fun through each gameplay and brings drama. The way to control the character is not too difficult, move skillfully not to be locked up. Not only join as a fugitive but also have an additional mission to rescue allies. Freedom to play the way you want, defend yourself. Download Hide ‘N Seek! mod escape on a wide and colorful map.

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