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NameHidden Folks APK
PublisherAdriaan de Jongh
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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With the significant development of the video game industry, the released products have more and more detailed images and graphics. They make players have the most authenticity and attraction. You are rarely disappointed in the pictures these modern games produce. But the game company Adriaan de Jongh chose for itself a separate direction. Instead of following current and popular trends, they decided to return to the early stages of development. They again use painting technology from monochrome art. This is what creates an unexpected effect. They quickly attract players of curiosity about this strange and unique. But gamers were not disappointed because of their choice.

Hidden Folks mod

Download Hidden Folks mod – An addictive character and object search game on your phone

Are you confident in your ability to observe and quickly move your eyes? Let Hidden Folks give you the answer. Everyone must have imagined a part of the challenge that you will have to complete in the game, right? It is about finding things and people hidden in different areas and places. This game does not require too much skill. Instead, the factor that helps players succeed comes from the ability to observe and capture the unique points of each gamer. You will be like an expert hunter for lost items. Your achievement is determined by the number of objects you find.

Hidden Folks mod free

With a unique design that has attracted players on the journey to find objects. The black and white design makes it harder for gamers to spot the target. In addition, other things appearing together will distract the player’s focus. Each frame is going to need to find different things. This variety always makes gamers feel endless. The more you search, the more interested you become and want to see the final answer. With Hidden Folks, the challenge is unlimited. You will not have to fight on fierce battlefields. But the challenges that the game creates also make you strain your brain.

Hidden Folks mod download

The diverse search target system

When it comes to the objective system offered to players, it must be admitted that it is diverse. When starting to try with Hidden Folks, many players will lose control. Without any experience, you’ve had to tackle difficult situations. But very quickly, when the player knows how to grasp the practical tips, you will enter the game completely. Special screen touches will help you interact with the right audience. To be able to observe more details, players should enlarge the screen. The hidden objects are pretty subtle. But if you know how to take advantage of the clues, you can still find them.

Hidden Folks mod apk

Flexible colour modes

Colour is also an exciting point in Hidden Folks. Although they are not as colourful as other modern games, they still can choose. There are three colour modes that the player can customize. Those are the standard, good for eyes, and night modes. Depending on each model, they also bring specific observational effects. For example, a suitable eye mode will highlight objects in the scene. Thanks to this contrast, players can easily see every detail in the image more clearly. With Hidden Folks, you can experience each colour mode in turn to choose the most suitable model for you.

Hidden Folks mod apk free

Unique sound effects

Sound effects make the game attractive. They are created from the mouth of the game makers. Thanks to the simultaneous appearance of sounds during the search for the target, the player feels even more attracted. In many cases, they also help gamers determine the direction of the object more easily. The collection of sounds that appear in Hidden Folks will also help you enjoy music. It would be tasteless if the game didn’t have a contribution from the sound system, wouldn’t it.? This is also why any game must have a sound system.

Hidden Folks mod android

Support language and player connection

Hidden Folks has a linguistic advantage. This game has been translated into 22 different languages. Thanks to that, the popularity of Hidden Folks can grow even more widely. The game has a large community of players from all over the world. With many awards and high rankings, the game is always the pride and the brainchild of the manufacturer. Download Hidden Folks mod and become a master of finding objects on diverse maps.

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