Hero of Taslinia MOD APK v1.21.0 (Menu/One shot kill/God mode/VIP)

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NameHero of Taslinia
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/One shot kill/God mode/VIP
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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MOD Infomation
  • Auto battle anywhere

Humanity was once enslaved of the evil Lusus Hellions. Humans, all living things in the world, have been persecuted. You are one of those who will stand up to the fight in Hero of Taslinia. Become the mighty warrior to restore the whole area. Help life will become peaceful, destroy all dangerous enemies. Create squads to fight across the front, ready to face any danger. Rescue people and things from threats, against evil forces.

Hero of Taslinia mod

Download Hero of Taslinia mod – Attack the Lusus Hellions force out of the area

After some time, when the Lusus Hellions were completely sealed, the country was also at peace. But they still keep the plot, come back to continue the action. Become a fighter or stand still and let them harm you, it’s your choice. The battle will be opened, and the enemy will appear. A tactical RPG gameplay with a variety of missions will be provided. Players will be facing the enemy, showing their own strength. Combine with the whole army, lead the soldiers, begin to advance on the battles. Do not allow the enemy to counterattack, overthrow the invasion plot of the enemy. Attack vigorously towards the opponent, join the struggle on each match. Prevent the actions that the enemy is trying to take.

Hero of Taslinia mod apk

The medieval fantasy world is showing up with thrilling quests. Each mission will be provided through each level. Do not fight alone, gather all warriors to build an army, participate in exciting battles. Causing the entire Hellions team to collapse. Peace is restored when the whole area is cleared of monsters. Command the military, fight hard to get the victory quickly. Confirm your position and defend against fierce attacks to speed up the battle process. Choose how to go to war and bring back valuable rewards.

Hero of Taslinia mod free

Create battle hero

Build warriors to enter the battle, chase away the evil forces. Set up the most potent force, gather many excellent warriors. Lots of different heroes, with other powers to attack with you. Gather talented warriors, deal with the strong enemy army. You can choose the army, train the warrior to add the best skills. Sword Heroes, magicians, archers, Lancer heroes… Each warrior will have a different way of attacking. The ability to aim from a distance, not letting the enemy be countered. Upgrade for Rogue archers and Trappers to increase damage, destroy large numbers of enemies. Hero Lancer will reduce the risks of battle, allowing you to unlock more Paladins or Dragoons. Build the best warriors, discover the skills of many other heroes. Lead the battle, get a high score after each attack.

Hero of Taslinia mod download

Dangerous hell

The peaceful time did not last long before the wars took place. The enemy will not stop working to be able to achieve the goal. The opponent appeared, performing many fierce attacks. To return to the time when there was no danger, the only way left was to attack. Timely prevent actions that the opponent creates, changing the situation of the whole world. Coordinate attacks on a large scale, in all areas. Confront the evil boss, make them fall. It is not possible to stand still and let the enemy mess up and become their victim again. Protect humanity, put an end to the dark hell life.

Hero of Taslinia mod android

Upgrade your warrior

Name each hero, change their appearance the way you want. A hairstyle, eye color to the warrior’s face. Equip them with accompanying accessories, assisting in each attack. Not only in appearance, strength, and skills also need to be upgraded. Train more new tactics, deal with the enemy. Build a system for tight defense, confronting all formidable enemies. Create your own style for the hero, constantly upgrading through each level.

Gather an army to join the battlefront. Face the enemies, attack their full force. Craft weapons and many types of equipment to support in combat. Lead the troops, win every challenge. Download Hero of Taslinia mod the war against the cruel Lusus Hellions.

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random people
random people
6 months ago

update for version 1.16 pls

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