Hero Defense King MOD APK 1.0.40 (Unlimited woods)

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NameHero Defense King APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited woods
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Hero Defense King tells the world of brave hero warriors. Here appear monsters, dwarves do everything to attack your tower. The battle will occur, coordinate with the warrior to destroy the opponent. Use turrets to kill each enemy one by one, not letting them hit the mark. As an army commander, you will decide everything yourself. Come up with a way to deal with each monster, set up a strategy that suits the battle. Stop the invasion that the enemy is approaching, don’t let them destroy the fortress.

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Download Hero Defense King mod – Use turrets to attack enemies

Similar to other strategy games, you will be a talented hero. Build a powerful army, confront a series of enemies. You will lead, come up with effective attack plans. Take control of soldiers in an arbitrary direction, fight to win. Each match will create challenges that make players face many dangers. Enemies continuously counterattack, coming to your area to do evil. Take advantage of the turrets that have been built as a weapon to fight back, aim at the enemy. Surround all directions of monsters, duel in all ranges. If you love fighting, TowerlandsAlien Creeps TD is also a place to show your strength.

Hero Defense King mod download

The game will have countless missions for players to participate in. Things will be tenser when the number of enemy troops increases, with formidable anti-destructive power. Just fight and observe the enemy’s actions, learn about them. Grasping the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses will be an advantage. Combine attack and defense, know-how to ensure the safety of the army. Each warrior will be the factor that creates a historical legend. You are one of those heroes, contributing a part of your strength to protect your tower.

Hero Defense King mod android

24 types of turrets

The tower is the place where the entire army must guard. This is also the goal that the enemy is aiming for, seeking to destroy. You will use these towers to destroy dangerous enemies. Hero Defense King offers more than 24 different towers, creating great destructive power. Each tower is equipped with cannons, providing great destructive force and designed with many different shapes, for players to use in each battle. It can create extensive damage, taking away the strength of the enemy. Control warriors combined with turrets to aim at the enemy. Pay attention and focus in the matches to get high results. All towers are equipped to add a cannon head, supporting you in each attack. It causes great destruction, causing all enemies to receive death.

Hero Defense King mod

Battle map

The area where the battles will take place will span many locations. You need to adapt to each place and arrange combat forces. Forests, mountains, deserts, and ice will be places where fierce battles occur. At the same time, there will be different monsters arranged for each of those locations. Each level brings you to a new struggle, which requires a suitable attack. Make the most of your fighting ability, master the matches. Each map will open up a new challenge, making you face all kinds of dangers. The number of enemies will also increase gradually, causing mental pressure, consuming a lot of energy. Know how to take advantage of the terrain, set up more bases to confront the enemy. Strengthen the battle, expand the range of activities to fight the enemy. Overthrow all bloodthirsty monsters and the enemy approaches your fortress.

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Level up warriors

Taking the role of an army commander, players will have to focus on leading and making smart attacks. Recruit powerful, experienced heroes in each episode. Gather into the strongest squad, ready to fight the enemies. Upgrade warriors with new skills know how to deal with each monster. Magic skills and hero skills will create great power, eliminating many opponents. Train each hero, equip them with the fighting power to fight in each war. Accompanying the warriors on the way of fighting, making historical feats.

Diverse missions and high competition have made Hero Defense King attractive to many gamers. Many enemies and challenges will be brought to you to test against all difficulties. Download Hero Defense King mod to protect the tower defense, attack the enemy with a solid turret system.

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