HellCopter MOD APK v1.8.8 (Unlimited money)

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Are you looking for a shooting game for yourself? HellCopter is a suggestion for you to experience with the game modes. Players will be standing on the helicopter and performing shooting. Causes all opponents to die. A simple shooting game and let you step into each fierce battle. Defeat each enemy and complete all missions as quickly as possible. HellCopter is an entertainment game that is loved by the gaming community. With not too difficult gameplay, players can easily control the character to shoot. Attack the entire enemy force and bring victory.

HellCopter mod download

Download HellCopter mod – Destroy the criminals occupying the building

One of the simple shooters made multi-tasking. Players can stand from above and perform professional shooting. The gameplay gives you challenges, facing a large force of enemies. Must quickly destroy them as soon as possible, do not give them a chance to counterattack. Hit each target so that each shot will cause the enemy to lose their life. Create your own advantage and fend off all the evil enemies. HellCopter will let you destroy all formidable opponents, quickly achieving the set goal. Eliminate all criminals, become a talented shooter.

HellCopter mod android

From the game mode to the interface, HellCopter is carefully invested. The vivid 3D images along with accompanying sound, bring the most realistic experience for players. The game is engaging and makes it hard for players to leave the battles. Control all actions coming from the opponent, quickly attack vigorously towards them. Show your shooting talent, destroy opponents and make the most fierce shootings. HellCopter is a perfect choice if you want to play and confront many opponents. Thrilling shootings, creating battles against a series of powerful enemies.

HellCopter mod apk


Participating in playing HellCopter, the player will need to step into a powerful attack. Stand on the plane in front of the helicopter to kill all criminals. Depending on the ability that the player will destroy them. It is necessary to focus and quickly attack each enemy. They will also counterattack, dodging grenades from your side. Create shots that make them unstoppable, killing each enemy. It is not easy for players to defeat them immediately. Need to observe, choose the most accurate shooting angle. Take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses, use tactics in combat. Shoot continuously at them and cause the enemy forces to disintegrate quickly.

HellCopter mod

Criminal attack

These criminals find a way to destroy and occupy large buildings. They always commit crimes and make life here upside down. Unable to accept the sinful actions, players stand up to attack each opponent. The battle has since begun, players will use the guns to do the task. Make all bad intentions from criminals will not be completed. You are the representative of the right, eliminating evil. The number of enemies will continuously increase when reaching high levels. That’s why players will need to have a strategic way, an intelligent way to fight. Quickly eliminate all hateful enemies, so that every building will no longer be their property.

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Equip a combat gun

Shooting gameplay will be indispensable without guns. HellCopter Fully equips players with different types of guns. Rifles are capable of firing at long distances. Just see the enemy appear, take the gun, and shoot continuously at them. Guns are an effective weapon, a way for players to kill criminals. Stand from the helicopter, pick up the gun, and shoot. HellCopter is a way to bring players to become professional shooters. Despite all the evil opponents, protect the safety of large buildings. Provide a large number of bullets for players to destroy the entire enemy force in the fastest way. Download HellCopter mod to shoot and kill criminals.

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