Helix Jump MOD APK v4.5.0 (Unlimited money/Unlocked skin)

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NameHelix Jump
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Unlocked skin
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The hustle and bustle of modern life push us under more pressure and stress. Not only employees, workers, or adults in general, but even children sitting on school chairs have a lot of stress. To relax, each person will have their own choice. For example, watching movies, reading books, walking, chatting… However, games are still a classic form of relaxation suitable for many different age groups and audiences. For example, if you are looking for a light game to chill when tired, then Helix Jump deserves to be selected first. This is a super easy tap-to-play game. Many people will mistake it for Stack Ball. But no, Helix Jump has a lot of exciting features of its own.

Helix Jump apk

Download Helix Jump mod – Break the rotating floors

It’s still the white column, the surrounding bricks, and the bouncing ball, but Helix Jump and Stack Ball are very different. While the Stack Ball requires you to touch the ball to break the colorful floor, Helix Jump needs you to avoid them. The tiles in this game are too complex for your bouncing ball to penetrate. So, instead of touching, the player needs to do another action: swiping. Helix Jump’s pillar is inherently stationary because it does not have an automatic control like the Stack Ball. You will be the one to rotate it to find the space for the ball to fall. From the point where the ball is dropped on high, turn the post in all directions to bring the small ball down to the base. So you passed the screen.

Helix Jump mod

The operation in Helix Jump is different from Stack Ball because the design of the rotating column and the bricks attached to it is entirely different. In Stack Ball, the bricks are stacked close together and cover the column. But in Helix Jump, the tiles are evenly spaced about one by one. In addition, they do not cover the center pillar but have gaps. That is the only path of the rubber ball. These empty points are not aligned or symmetric but are generated irregularly. Therefore, it is difficult for the ball to go from the top to the bottom. Instead, it would help if you stopped almost at each floor to find the next suitable jumping point. In general, Helix Jump will be more complex than Stack Ball.

Helix Jump mod apk

Quick challenge

Every brick in Helix Jump is an obstacle because it prevents your ball from falling further. When the ball hits the brick, it has to stop and leave paint splatters. However, there are special bricks that fall to cause the ball to break. You can recognize them by color. Usually, this type of tile has a more prominent color than the primary color. For example, the yellow ones will break your ball into a round of black bricks. Or, in the purple circle, you need to avoid the pink areas. The higher the level, the smaller the staggered space between the upper and lower tiles. Therefore, adjust the stroke force bit by bit so the ball can fall.

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Collect support items

If in Stack Ball there is a super fireball, in Helix Jump, we will have another valuable item. While the ball is on the way down, you can come across this item. It is blue and is made up of three arrows arranged in a downward direction. It will take some technique and effort to own this item. You must adjust the falling movement of the ball so that it passes through the green arrow. Only then will this item come into play. It will enter the ball and destroy all bricks it passes through. You don’t need to find gaps; you don’t need to avoid colorful bricks anymore. The ball will go straight down without hesitation.

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Various types of bouncing balls

To diversify the game, the manufacturer VOODOO tries to change many details from the smallest. For example, the color of the bricks is an example. In addition, in Helix Jump, you can exchange many shapes of bouncing balls. For instance, it can take the form of a tennis ball, a two-color ball, a 3D square, a star, an atom, and several other shapes. It will cost coins to unlock them if you want to change them. Cash can be obtained from your victory through each level. In addition, watching videos can also give you a good amount of money to upgrade your ball. As light entertainment, making money in Helix Jump is not tricky.

The genre of games that can be played with one hand, like Helix Jump, is easy to get caught up in and “addicted to.” Some of you download it to try it out, but you can also level up to hundreds because it’s so interesting. The visual effects are simple but extremely smooth and pleasing to the eye. Earning money is also accessible through rewards, watching videos, or lucky spins. This game is like a small adventure with a bouncing ball. Download the Helix Jump mod and conquer the twisted tower maze.

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