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The shapes of the bags in Healing Pocket are based on real-life products. Those are toy bags designed like a house inside. Healing Pocket is a game that simulates those bags. Players can create the interior of the bag themselves. Then bring your lovely friends into it to live like a natural home. This trend has existed for a long time because of its unique and meticulous nature. Once again, these designs are put into a game so the player can be creative without limits. Moreover, it solves the problem of money and space if you don’t have a place to display them.

Healing Pocket mod

Download Healing Pocket mod – Interior design in a tiny pocket

First, Healing Pocket will provide players with many bag models and unique shapes. We have rectangular, round, heart-shaped bags… You can choose any bag pattern you like. Next is the accumulation process to get more money units and provide more interior inside the bag. The way to earn money is straightforward: tap the screen to receive cash with each tap. Use that money to buy items and put them inside the bag. Healing Pocket’s purchase system will surprise you with its variety. All to create a house with a beautifully designed theme that any player will like.

This game has bright colors and is geared toward cuteness. So most will appeal to female gamers or children. However, if you have a passion for interior design and decoration, anyone is suitable for Healing Pocket. The in-game keepsake function keeps your designs visible even when you’re no longer playing the game. No one’s design is unique, and every design has thought and planning in it. The comfort of the music and the game’s colors doesn’t push you to finish quickly. It’s relaxing and improvised to design at any time that feels right.

Healing Pocket mod apk

Distinguish different types of objects

Each item added to your bag belongs to a separate item category. That will be the central terrain you design for it. Including vacant land, lawns, modern floors, lakes… Whatever makes you feel right, choose them. Next is the design of the materials used to build the rooms. Be it wood, bricks are painted in as many colors as you like. Then the items in the house will be taken care of according to your preferences. Place and arrange tables and chairs in many convenient positions. Refrigerators, desks, kitchen utensils, washing machines… Any appliance is in Healing Pocket. As long as you pay the right price, you can own them.

Healing Pocket mod apk free

Invite friends to visit

No matter how beautiful, a house will not be so empty if no one is there. That’s when Healing Pocket has the added function of inviting friends to visit your home. Players will choose cute characters to live inside. Includes people and animals such as rabbits, bears, dogs, and cats… Personified to look like people like many cartoons for children. They will move inside the bag that you have designed. Also, use the objects that you have placed inside it. It all looks like real-life in an ordinary house. That is the point that makes Healing Pocket so attractive to many players who want to relax.

Healing Pocket mod free

Capture beautiful moments

Healing Pocket has a camera system support for you to capture all the moments. From start to finish, a house in the actual pocket. Select and focus on as many areas as you like to shoot. The photo will be saved to the gallery on your smartphone immediately. If you want more detail, you can record a video to witness the people you live inside. Healing Pocket has the added function of sharing photos and videos on social networks. Your friends might see them and be curious to know what game you’re playing. Those are the unique things that only Healing Pocket can do. Serve players at all times to record many unforgettable beautiful memories.

With uncomplicated gameplay and relaxing music. Healing Pocket is the perfect game to experience gently in your spare time. Come back to replenish your bag with lots of fun and cute designs. Turn it into nature for animal friends to have a perfect life. Healing Pocket mod brings you into the world of adorable bags.

Download Healing Pocket MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android

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