Head Basketball MOD APK 3.3.6 (Unlimited money)

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NameHead Basketball APK
PublisherD&D Dream
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 2.3+
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Head Basketball uses basketball tricks in many different ways, get the highest score and win the championship. You can also use magic, not just simply playing with the ball. Dramatic football matches will take place, and the audience covers the whole stands. There will be many opportunities for you to counterattack, but the most important thing is to keep the ball in your hand. Players have the right to use magic spells to make the ball fly in the right direction. The jumps run over the opponent create a beautiful goal. Fight against each other and, win points one by one, get the whole treasure trove of trophies.

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Download Head Basketball mod – The captain leads the mighty basketball team

Initially, players will face each other individually, i.e., playing independently and with only two people on the field. In different ways, you grab the ball and dribble it. Your quick hands make your opponents respect, and flexible strategies are the best. With the crucial role of the match, you cannot ignore the challenge. Pair up with the enemy, enter the field and get ready to serve and steal. The ability to hit the ball into the top net will be reproduced continuously, keeping a solid performance when fighting. When catching the ball, quickly run to the opponent’s basket, jump high and throw accurately. Each time you hit the basket, you score points; the number will increase with each level you perform.

Head Basketball mod

Basketball boys are tall, innovative, and highly agile. They reappeared continuously, launched many backup plans, and put the ball far away from the opponent’s arms but kept their side of the basket clean. Equalize the score or better than you have a chance to move on. Otherwise, you have to say goodbye to the audience. Their cheers are also an excellent motivator for you to take action. They cheered, filled the whole stands, and shouted your name when you won. Winning each match will bring honor to you, setting a new record. The ball on the field is ready; press start and all the fun will happen immediately.

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Unique character

More than 44 different characters bring a variety of great experiences. They have their strengths and weaknesses; before choosing to be the leading player, evaluate their ability first. Those who need a lot of money or points to unlock it are very special. They have great destructive power before the opponent’s bunker ball attacks. How you choose the costume for the character must also be unique, many secrets are still hidden. Decorate them the way you want them to, as long as they shine the brightest every time they go on stage. They also need to upgrade their strength to be able to help you. They will also contribute to your fiery counterattack system. Develop characters, and help them go further in Head Basketball.

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Sharp fight with opponents

Even if you don’t have to fight an entire team, this is your chance to shine. You will perform tee shots when necessary and move the ball into the opponent’s basket. The sum is the total number of points you gain, so with each goal, you need to cherish it. Head Basketball establishes a diverse system for players to be more themselves. There are Arcade modes, campaigns, tournaments, and many more genres for you to explore throughout the game. How you survive against hordes of aggressive opponents also scores a big plus in the eyes of the audience. Each toss of the ball, combined with the power to support you, will create a beautiful goal.

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Additional energy

Head Basketball plays basketball combined with the sounds and moves of an action game. You will also use energies such as skulls, smoke, fire, and waves. Those things will help you bring down the opponent, create many consecutive magic shots, and launch the opponent to fly away from the ball holder. Each toss of the ball is a scream, yours as well as the audience. Everyone is eagerly awaiting your professional return. Play nice and know how to use the quintessence of support for you, so it’s a waste of effort. It would help if you unlocked it consecutively through the game screen to collect so much energy. The more you own, the more advantages you have.

Head Basketball takes you to the glory of basketball, topping the categories. Play with various styles for outstanding performances in front of your audience. Duel with opponents, get the ball out of their arms, and take every opportunity to get the ball back to the basket. With seven different game modes, you have the right to choose each game screen to experience exciting things. Win the gold trophy for yourself and your teammates proudly. You can also play with friends to compete and see who is capable in this subject. Download Head Basketball mod to create miracles in basketball games.

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